How to Hire a Commercial Plumber In San Diego

The plumbing of a building is a very important aspect of the building. It is a complex system that involves several networks of pipes. These are used for carrying water, wastewater and other materials in and from the building.

Plumbing also deals with the fittings and installations around a building including taps, sinks, showers, baths, etc. Most plumbers are also experts in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) of buildings. You can learn about the basics of plumbing here. In terms of high-quality service and customer relations, you will not ask for more from Milbur Plumbers.

There are two types of plumbers and these are residential and commercial plumbers. These two are distinct in a variety of ways. The most obvious is that residential plumbing deals with residential homes while commercial plumbing deals with public buildings like offices, warehouses, factories, etc.

What Do Commercial Plumbers Do?

What Do Commercial Plumbers Do

These are specialists who install, maintain and repair plumbing systems in commercial and public buildings. They typically work on larger as well as more intricate plumbing systems than what residential plumbers would do. This involves installations of large drainage systems, fire sprinklers, water heating systems, boilers, air conditioners, etc.

While residential plumbers work on one to a maximum of three-story buildings, commercial plumbers work on many stories and high-rise buildings. This type of plumbing is much more extensive, complex and demanding.

Asides from the complexity and scale of work, the other differences between the two types of plumbing include tools used. While all plumbers use specialist tools like plungers, wrenches, toilet augers, etc., commercial plumbing requires different sets of tools due to the scale of the work involved. These can include generators, tile saws, industrial wet and so on.

Furthermore, they face a wider range of issues and bigger problems than residential plumbers do. This leads them to work longer shifts and hours. Instead of waiting until there is an issue, they rely on preventative maintenance to avoid large-scale problems.

Another key aspect of the job for commercial plumbers is the ability to work with other contractors. To ensure the success of a building project, they have to work with project managers, architects, tilers, engineers, construction managers, etc.

Also, they work under more robust regulations. This is due to the sheer number of people that depend on the plumbing systems they work on. The system must be safe and healthy as in a hospital or restaurant. They must also be efficient as leaky taps and pipes can have a great impact in commercial settings. You can read more about what it entails here

How to Choose A Reliable Commercial Plumber

There are several commercial plumbers in San Diego. However, you can use the tips below to choose a reliable one.

They Must Be Experienced

This type of plumbing is extensive and more complex therefore, you require an experienced plumber. It is important to ascertain how long they have been in business and the kind of projects they have undertaken.

They Must Have Proven Track Records

Following on from the point above. An experienced plumber would have done several projects in the past that are similar to yours. You can ask them for references on these projects. Inquire about how diligent they are and how they handle unexpected challenges.

Did they complete the project on time and at the agreed budget? Do they follow applicable safety codes and regulations? All of these are important in choosing a reliable plumber. Additionally, you can check out reviews about them on reputable online sites.

They Must Be Licensed

It goes without saying that a commercial plumber must be licensed and insured. Working in this kind of environment requires a certain level of training and experience. It also involves some level of risk to both the building and the plumbers working therein.

You should therefore choose local plumbers that are licensed to do commercial plumbing in San Diego and ensure that they are adequately insured. They must also be confident in the quality of work that they can offer and provide warranties to back this up.


Commercial plumbing differs to a large extent from residential plumbing. It involves dealing with more complex and extensive systems that require high quality of work and constant maintenance to avoid issues. You should therefore take steps to choose a reliable and experienced plumber to handle your project.