How To Hide Electrical Boxes In Your Yard

While most homeowners love the convenience of electricity and cable TV, the unsightly boxes that these services require oftentimes clash with landscaping and can be ugly accents in the yard.
Builders do not have many options in placing these ugly electrical boxes when homes are constructed. In many cases the only option is to erect utility boxes in the front yard right next to the driveway area.
While this makes accessing the box very convenient, it also creates large eyesores for home owners who do not want to have to look at them every single day when they pull in and out of their driveway.

In most cases, homeowners end up doing one of the following to hide ugly utility boxes:
• Building a small wooden or stone structure around the box to camouflage it.
• Planting tall grass or bushes around the box to conceal it.
• Constructing a small retaining wall around the box and planting flowers or other vegetation on top.
• Incorporating the box into a landscaping feature such as a rock garden or flower bed.
• Creating a raised garden bed around the box and filling it with plants or flowers.

While all of these techniques can work, they all require a considerable amount of back breaking labor and or cost.
Do you really want to spend all the time and money to build a fence or plant shrubs, flowers and prairie grasses around all the utility boxes in your yard?

Probably not!

Fortunately, a company called DekoRRa has developed a line of hollow fake rocks using a patented plastic molding technology called “Real-Rock” that mimes the natural patterns, colors and textures of real granite, fieldstone, and sandstone boulders.
The DekoRRa Mock Rocks are lightweight and easy to position into place over any existing cable TV or electrical box to hide it from view entirely.

Since the DekoRRa Mock Rocks are available in a wide variety of colors, it is easy for homeowners to match the rock color with existing landscaping accents and the color of the exterior cladding on their homes.
It’s important to note that you should not cover the box or make any modifications that would make it difficult to access the box for maintenance or repairs. It is also recommended you contact your local electrical provider to inquire if there are any restrictions in place regulating the types of covers that may be used.

In many cases, for example, electrical boxes feature internal components like transformers that can generate a considerable amount of heat.  In order to avoid overheating and potential damage to these components it may be necessary to use a vented fake rock cover that allows for air flow through the rock walls.

Vents will provide necessary cooling to ensure all of the components can function properly without being damaged from overheating.
For home-owners looking for fast and easy solutions to hiding ugly electrical utility boxes, cable television boxes, telephone pedestals and more, it’s tough to beat the ease of use and convenience offered by using fake rock covers.