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How to decorate a bedroom in a residence for men

Decorating a bedroom is an important task, since it is an expression of oneself. Show your style, hobbies and interests with ornaments and decorations that express your personality. When decorating the room of a male dormitory, follow the safety instructions that the room is comfortable and you protect your things and your own image.

 How to decorate a bedroom


Opt for comfort over luxury or fashion when choosing furniture like living room chairs or desk chairs. Since going to spend much time in your room in the residence, it is important to make the space cozy.

Decorate the walls to hang some posters or tapestries on every wall. Hang your pieces seal, either carpets or pictures that represent your musicians, athletes or favorite sports teams on the walls facing the door, so that passersby see these samples. You will attract other roommates who share your passions and interests.

Avoid hanging items that may offend or take away the rights of others, especially women, if you are trying to attract. For example, avoid hanging pictures of women scantily clad as some college girls may be repelled by such images.

Keep the decorations, especially the posters and sports memorabilia, various in order to show your different interests and attract men and women. If you exaggerate with decorating your dorm room in honor of a particular topic (a sports team, for example), can give the impression that you’re a fan obsessed with no other interest.

Decorate cheap. Dorm rooms often endure a lot of wear, especially when used as lounges or gathering places for large groups and noisy. Unless you’re willing to risk the loss, theft or damage, avoid displaying valuables such as collectibles or old memories. Keep these items at home under the care of your parents.

Show some pictures framed your family and close friends on your desk and bookcase. These images can generate conversation with visitors, whether men or women. We also give a taste of home when you feel homesick.