How To Create a Sophisticated Bungalow

When you hear the term “bungalow,” you might picture a beach shack with surfboards stacked out front, or perhaps an early 20th century Craftsman home that has seen better days. In truth, virtually any home with a single-level floorplan and no attached garage can be classified as a bungalow, meaning the design and style options for these dwellings are practically endless. If you’ve got your eye on a one-story fixer-upper and you favor a refined look for your home, here’s what to pay attention to when creating a sophisticated bungalow.


Your home’s curb appeal is key when it comes to creating a first impression, as an attractive structure and façade can speak volumes about your taste and discernment. If you are lucky enough to have purchased a home in the Craftsman style, then a bit of refurbishment may be all that it takes to get it back to its original sharp looks. Many other bungalow designs, from Cape Cod to British Colonial, can also be revived to great success. Whether you’ve got an architectural starting point or the home you’ve selected is a blank slate, begin your project by consulting with a Manhattan Beach interior design firm. They can advise you on exterior elements that will complement the look that they’ll help you to cultivate inside your home.


The inside of your bungalow is where you can feature more personal choices that reflect your refined taste. Although it’s not written in stone that you must, you’ll likely take your design cues from the style of your house, perhaps incorporating built-in wood and brick elements into your Craftsman home. If your dwelling features the Mediterranean- and Spanish-inspired architecture so favored in Southern California, then an expert in interior design Santa Barbara can curate the right furniture and decorative pieces to reflect both your refinement and your setting. To maintain a sophisticated look within a limited footprint, it often takes the help of an expert who is practiced in editing and paring down.

Outdoor Space

Because indoor space is typically limited in a bungalow, the backyard living area of these smaller homes often becomes a focal point. Consulting with outdoor living designers Los Angeles can help guide you in creating a patio or deck that is both comfortable and elegant. Polished concrete or slate pavers can provide a tasteful look underfoot, while seating with clean-lined wooden frames usually complements a variety of different exterior styles. Well-manicured greenery can give your yard a sense of natural tranquility without making your garden look like an overgrown jungle. As with the interior of your home, featuring simple furnishings and design elements outdoors is often key to making your bungalow feel sophisticated rather than cluttered.

Carefully considering the design choices, you make for all areas of your bungalow, from the façade to the backyard, is important for cultivating consistent, sophisticated style in a relatively small space. When you’re ready to make over your bungalow home, contact an experienced interior design firm to help ensure that you achieve the elegant and refined look you’re after.