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How to clean and choose accessories for windows

At home, accessories for windows are eye care centers. Create a style, they put their own stamp on a design, create an atmosphere of privacy and allow you to control the light. And with good clean windows plus one or two new accessories, you will renew your house and leave ready to receive the shining sun.

accessories for windows

a: Styles and options

Elizabeth Aaron, president of Elizabeth Aaron Interior Design in Encinitas, California, suggests that the first step is to decide what will be the role of accessories your window. “What do you need in the room?” he asks. “If you have privacy and enjoy natural light and an excellent view, it is not necessary that you cover the window. But if your house is near other houses, so privacy can be your objective. In the room of a child, if 7:30 want to go to sleep, daylight can be an issue to consider. ” In addition, the bright sunlight may discolor carpets, fabrics and even hardwood floors, so it is a good idea to keep out the sunlight. After determining the function should only decide on a style. Modern houses with shutters look stunning and elegant curtains. While traditional environments, favoring layered fabric curtains, practicality plays an important role. “The oiliness and dirt from hands and pets could, over time, ruin the curtains, so they are not a good choice for family rooms,” says Aaron. Fortunately, there are many more options.

b: blinds, curtains and blinds

” Wooden blinds could be your best allies if you want privacy and control the entry of light, “says Aaron.” Fear not choose natural wood finishes as they give a sophisticated touch to a room. Rays of sun that slip between the natural wood blinds creates a glow similar to the candles. ”

Cell curtains / type honeycomb They are another option for privacy and light control. “You can unroll from the top down to let in the sun and let the bottom cover for privacy,” Aaron explains.

Umbrellas They are the solution for when you have a lot of sun but want to see outside. They are made of a dense but transparent mesh that blocks the glare without sacrificing the view.