How Public Adjuster Claim Representation Works in Fort Lauderdale?

Have you found the right public adjuster to represent your interests? If yes, the journey towards receiving the expected compensation for your residential property losses should consist of multiple stages.

After holding an initial meeting, the representative is supposed to start investigating the policy and documenting the evidence. The ultimate phase of settlement is only feasible after getting approval from policyholders to accept the offer of insurers.

Learn about the way in which claim representation works in Fort Lauderdale.

Initial meeting

The procedure begins by contacting a public adjuster on the phone, via email, or by completing the claim evaluation form available on his/her site. When contacting such a specialist for the first time, it’s essential to provide as much information as possible about your case and schedule an inspection. Public adjusters insist for homeowners to be present during the inspection in order to discuss the following steps.

First of all, these experts review the insurance policies of potential clients so as to get familiar with the extent of coverage and policy limitations. Once they’re done reviewing the policies and inspecting the losses of policyholders, claim representatives suggest the best solutions for home recovery. Should you agree with the proposed solution, you need to sign an authorization form to allow the representative to act on your behalf. Go here to get familiar with the most popular types of insurance.

Furthermore, the initial meeting with your future representative is the best moment to discuss the fee structure of the company. Generally, fees range between five and twenty percent, depending on the type of coverage and limitations. Also, these are mainly determined by the settlement public adjusters manage to negotiate. The higher the payout, the higher the percentage they receive.


The following step after signing the authorization form is an in-depth investigation of the insurance policy. During the second phase, the goal of public adjustors is to attain a deeper knowledge of the limits, provisions, and exclusions of the policy so as to determine their effect on your losses.

While coming up with the best strategy, these workers need to stay on top of legal practices, expert opinions, and the latest court cases in this industry. It happens for insurance policies to contradict the latest procedures in claim representation, thus resulting in disappointing outcomes for policyholders. Therefore, make sure you select an established representative, keeping track of the updates in the world of property claims.


Once the process of investigation is completed, public adjustors continue with claim documentation. Policyholders are obliged to adhere to their duties after a loss, noted in the policy. Unless the insured meets the requirements imposed by insurance companies, there’s no hope for receiving optimal compensation. The job of claim representatives is to create a comprehensive property profile, which meets the criteria of insurers.

The process of claim documentation involves providing construction estimates, technical documentation, property inventory, forecasts, etc. The collection of such documentation is time-consuming for policyholders, whereas quick for public adjusters.


When claim preparation comes to an end, public adjusters conduct a complete review in order to detect any irregularities. The claim is divided into multiple categories to comply with the provisions that apply to each category.

Afterward, the client is invited to a meeting for the purpose of reviewing the claim one last time. Once the representatives receive the client’s approval, it’s submitted to the respective insurance company.


The settlement is the ultimate, most important stage in the process. After the submission, public adjusters request follow-up to keep track of the claim’s status. In the meantime, they’re available for providing answers to any inquires made by the insurers. Even though most insurance companies use these inquires as an excuse for delaying the procedure, adjusters are still required to provide clarification.

Due to the superb negotiation skills of these representatives, policyholders and insurers often reach a fair settlement. Trusted public adjusters in Fort Lauderdale, like, always strive to represent the best interest of their clients. A settlement is never reached until public adjustors ask policyholders for approval.

Final word

A real professional follows all these steps until a fair settlement is reached!