Hot Water Recirculating Pump Failures and How to Avoid Them

In the households, you need to have the recent hot water recirculation pump to get the benefits it offers. It will be vital during the unlimited water supply in your house. The role of this pump is to give you instant hot water and therefore reduces the wastes that occur when water runs until the moment it becomes hot from your tap. In the process, you end up losing a lot of water.

For a recirculation system, it will be a hot water line running throughout your house and then return to the heater. There is a timer that will help to turn the pump to work at regular intervals and especially at peak usage times.

In the article, there are the failures you should expect and how you can solve them.

Power Waste

The pump continues to heat and circulate hit water in your house through the pipes. So, it will end up having used a lot of your electricity.

In case the heater is far from the bathroom or kitchen, it will take a longer time before the water reaches the taps. You have to ensure that the recirculation system is cost-efficient.

There are different ways you can combat the loss of electricity and heat loss. First, insulate all the return and supply pipes such that there is no heat loss. Also, ensure you turn off your pump at night to conserve the power.

Low Flow Rate

Some of these hot water recirculating pumps will be having small motors. However, it’s a disadvantage because they will not produce high pressure. So, they will negatively impact the flow rate of water. You will find that the pumps also don’t turn on the thankless heater.


The other causes of failures with recirculation pumps is that they are vulnerable to corrosion. The problem is costly to solvent. What leads to the problem is excessive aggressive water chemistry and flow velocity where the pipes are eroded inside by water.

In your system, the places that are frequently affected are elbows, tees, and bends. In the end, the pipe walls are thinned and end up capturing. So, that you solve this problem, you need to change by buying a low-capacity pump that will reduce the abrupt changes.

Noise Problems

There are noise problems that might occur after a power outage. The kind of problem might be caused by the air that enters the system. So that you can fix the issue, you have to bleed your system and allow the escape of the air.It is where you will open a small air escape valve to ensure the water has come out. Repeat all your faucets to be guaranteed no air inside the pipes. You will have solved the problem.

Final Words

If you can repair or compensate for the problems that are causing the recirculation hot water system, you will conveniently improve and save water for homes. So, before you install one in your house, consider the above factors.