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Models of residential home designs

You find plenty of models of houses, and some of them are amazing, incredible aspects. There are different forms and shapes, different heights, different sizes, and various architectural styles.

There are designs for homes of all types that are made ​​with construction materials varied. The universe of residential models is indeed very broad, and fascinating for those who have a penchant for observing and assessing residential buildings or other architectural forms. ‘s very possible that a motivated person with curious houses, always find some rare or is outside the normal or usual, because there are so many scattered around the world, some have been designed thanks to the whim or singular vision of an architect, and others for similar reasons an owner.

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Contemporary Residential House in Oregon, United States
Residence Contemporary style design and raised in Oregon, United States. The models are based on designs, so we have for example several prefabricated designs of each different models are built as the largest area, with garage, finished to the highest standard, with terrace, and so on.

House of 150 m long in Thailand
If you are interested in consulting for various modern housing projects follow this link to an entry with contents list published here, and to review entries about home designs use this other link, you will also find lists.

From the first examples arising from the new architecture called Modern architecture , the models have become simpler aspects or apparently simple shapes, harmonic, with little or no ornamentation and basically functional. Straight lines, flat roofs passable, open floor plan, more developed windows wider than high, free facade, framework structures formed of reinforced concrete columns and slabs for habitable floors and ceiling.

Residential house renovated traditional American
Traditional American Residence extension and renovation. But the old are still standing, providing functions, and is chosen by many people. Can one see houses with specific aspects of the old architecture, traditional or classic and new architecture in the same structure, for renovations.

Residential house Anapanasati postmodern, Costa Rica
Different housing models obey different motivations. The architectural structure can respond to the need of space covered or functions necessary to develop specific indoor and up by the house.

Contemporary Residential House in Mexico
There shophouses and houses with office (workplace), some are designed to stay on the sand of the beach, others to hold the edge of an abyss.

Cubical modern house in Spain
The aspect often expresses the socio-economic status and power of the owner or the family. The design model of a house can translate even the personality of its owner.

Organic House designed by architect Bart Prince
A strange and curious house design.Making this blog of architecture was motivated in part by the huge variety of designs and models of home there and you may discover attention. Houses box : In the U.S. the Box Houses are prefabricated homes or original design, models modern contemporary times. They geometry (shoe box), right angles and flats runs.