Helpful information on AC repair service in Houston

In Houston, Texas, summer temperatures can easily cross 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Combine that with high humidity, and you have weather that’s sticky and sultry. So, air conditioning is a basic necessity rather than a privilege in such conditions.

However, at the same time, this also means that your AC will be running continuously for days together.

This may lead to complications, and you might find yourself with an AC issue when you least expect it. When it happens, the only way to deal with it is by calling a company that offers 24 hour ac repair houston. What separates them from others is their readiness to repair your air conditioners whenever you need them, including nights, weekends, and holidays.

However, there are specific steps you should take before they arrive. What are those, and what can you expect during a repair appointment? Read on to find out.

Steps you should take

Take a look at your air filter

If you notice your air conditioner functioning at a lower capacity, you should first check your air filter. It collects dust and debris over time, and may become completely blocked after a certain period of time. So, if it’s dirty, remove the filter,  dust it off, and rinse it with warm water gently. Once it is dry, slide it back into the designated slot.

Check the thermostat

Sometimes, the problem could lie simply with the thermostat. If the thermostat’s display is clear and bright, it means that there is no issue with the batteries. In that case, it could be a software issue with the thermostat. You can try turning it off and on, or resetting it, but if these steps don’t work, consider calling a professional to examine it.

Ensure that the vents are clear

A vent in an air conditioner is a small opening that draws fresh air from the outside, cools it, and releases it into your house. However, it will not perform at total capacity if it’s covered with dust or items like boxes. The vents should be clean and open to ensure maximum airflow.

What should you expect during an AC repair session?

Overall check

Most 24X7 AC repair services in Houston begin with an initial inspection of your air conditioning unit. They will check the thermostat to check if the settings are correctly set. If there is no issue with the thermostat, they will check the circuit breaker box next.

According to the National Electric Code regulations, all breaker boxes are located outside to enable the fire department to disconnect the electricity supply in case of a fire outbreak.

Inspection of the primary components

The technician will then proceed to the system’s primary components like wiring, refrigerant, air condenser, evaporator coils, condensate pan and drain, and even the air filter. They will ensure that the air conditioning system has the desired amount of refrigerants.

It is interesting to know that according to the Texas Department of Licensing and Protection rules, the government banned the use of the refrigerant R-22 in 2010. Instead, they replaced it with a new refrigerant called R-410. However, if you have an old system that requires the old refrigerant R-22, the technician will refill it.

These are some steps you can take and things you can expect during an air conditioner repair session. It may be useful to know about an AC service company offering 24 hour AC repair in Houston, since you never know when you may need their help.