Guide on Choosing a Bed for your Cat

Cats are the supreme comfort experts of the world. They sleep about 16 hours a day, so taking the time to find the right bed for your cat is a must. Just like humans, cats treasure a special sleeping space. This article will cover some of the finer points to look for when choosing beds for cats.

Keep these important things in mind:

  • The bed’s materials and construction
  • Shape
  • Features
  • Where the bed will be placed

Above all, remember that a bed is for sleeping, not playing. Avoid those with dangling toys. Also avoid strings or buttons or anything that could harm your cat. It should just be a comfortable place to sleep. Beds for felines come in two basic styles:

  • Covered
  • Not covered

Observe Your Cat

Before you even begin to look for a bed for kitty, observe him or her. Does the animal tend to hide when they sleep, or do they sleep out in the open? Do they typically curl up or stretch out? Do you have more than one cat? Do they like to sleep together? Even if you have a kitten now, you will need to buy an adult-size bed. You can always use some old, clean, soft blankets to fill in the extra bed space until the kitten gets bigger. Compared to humans, cats like more confined spaces and prefer smaller beds.

What Size?

How big will your kitten get? Unless you have a really big breed, such as a Maine Coon or a hybrid like a Savannah, the average cat will weigh between seven and eleven pounds when fully grown and will measure somewhere between 17 and 21 inches long when measured from the top of the head across the back to the base of the tail. In general, a round bed with a diameter of 13 to 15 inches is a good choice. Square or rectangular beds can be longer, about 17 inches by 14 inches or so. Choose a round shape for cats that like to sleep curled up. Square ones are for those felines preferring to sleep stretched out. Some cats dislike sleeping alone and will always seek out a slumber buddy. If you have this situation, make sure the bed you buy is big enough for both animals. If you’re not sure whether to get a round or square bed, go with the round one.

Covered Beds and Features

Many cats enjoy a hooded bed. These look like little Indian tipis or cubes with a round entrance hole in the front. This gives the feline security and privacy. For anxious cats, marshmallow beds are a comforting choice. These beds are typically round with a plush centerpiece pushing up from the middle. The middle piece sinks down as the cat reclines, surrounding the animal in softness and privacy. There are even cat beds that look like cozy igloos and yet others that are elevated off the floor. If the cat will be sleeping in a colder room or area, you can add a battery-powered heated pad for warmth. These pads come in different shapes and sizes, and some beds are equipped with them at the time of purchase.

Fabric Choice

Choice of fabric is very important. Consider the softest of natural fabrics, although some polyester models are good, too. It must be washable, but don’t launder a cat’s bed regularly. Cats like their own scent and are very comforted by it. Only wash the bed when it becomes soiled. Instead of washing, take the bed outside and give it a good shake to remove pieces of kitty litter and other debris. You can also use a cat brush or lint brush to keep the bed free of excess fur.


Place the bed in a warm area free of drafts, away from household traffic and close to one of the cat’s favorite sleeping areas. You can also purchase more than one bed for different areas, especially if you have a two-story home. If the cat likes to sleep with you on your bed, it’s fine to place the bed there, too. Many cats love to sleep with their owners.

There are plenty of color and style choices. Take the time to pick the perfect bed for your beloved feline.

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