Five Ways You Can Use Self-Storage To Minimize Moving Hassles

Space issues when moving houses are some of the most common and irritating problems you may come across.

It affects the moving process, but it can affect the quality of life in your new home. The first step in solving the space issue is accepting that you have one.

Most people are oblivious to the fact that they are running out of space till there isn’t room to move around freely.

Seeing the signs of overcrowding is essential before you run out of space entirely. If you happen to live in the Kelowna area of BC, you would know how storage space can be an issue within the house because most homes aren’t that big.

When the cold hits, you want to make sure you store as many of your belongings indoors. However, due to the construction of most houses, storage space isn’t always a possibility.

Therefore, you are left in a situation where you must choose which items to prioritize and which to get rid of.

It’s always tragic to let go of belongings, but you might not have to with storage units.

This article aims to enlighten you about some of the many benefits of renting a storage facility. The majority of this article will revolve around the city of Kelowna and how storage facilities can benefit you while living in the city.

1. Storage units help you prioritize your belongings

When it comes to sifting and sorting your belongings, you want to do so with a clear mind. Being forced to choose in the spur of the moment can lead to you letting go of things you aren’t ready to part with just yet.

Here’s a pro tip – Type in Kelowna self storage on Google to find a storage facility.

Opting for facilities near your location gives you room to breathe and tackle things at a slower pace.

Storing your belongings off-site and tending to them whenever you are ready is better than rushing through things.

This way, you have more time to think and sift through what you want and don’t want to keep.

Knowing that your belongings are stored away safely while you tend to other more important things can be a major weight off your shoulders.

2. Get fragile items out of the way for the time being

Again, one of the most irritating aspects of the shifting process is constantly worrying about fragile items.

Getting them out of the way early and storing them elsewhere ensures that they don’t break during the moving process.

With movers coming and going, boxes being stacked on top of another, and the general helter-skelter environments, it would be best if you stored breakables in a safer place.

A storage small storage unit gives you the chance to tend to the boxes when you have space and the right frame of mind to deal with them.

Set up your cabinets, clear some space and start storing your crockery when you’re ready. Another option is to indefinitely leave them in the box around the house and tend to them later.

But that option still leaves a sense of clutter everyone aims to avoid.

3. Don’t extend your lease on the existing place

If the move isn’t going according to your predicted time frame, most people buy more time with their landlords and pay another month’s rent.

Depending on where you live, this can cost thousands of dollars for little as a few extra days.
If you find yourself caught in a situation like this, consider opting for a storage unit rather than extending your lease and paying another month’s rent.

Opting for a storage facility for a month will cost you a fraction of what you would have to pay if you extended the rent.

Don’t let your landlord take advantage of you in situations like these. If you see a possible solution, opt for it and go with the storage facility instead.

Your belongings will be safer and secure for a longer time, and you can be sure that the elements won’t get to them.

4. Protection from the weather

Rust and degeneration are major issues you must worry about when living close to the Pacific. After all, this is Canada we are talking about, and the bitter cold and moisture in the air can get to your belongings faster than you can imagine.

Finding a lack of space will almost always lead to a situation where you prioritize which items can be indoors and which you will have to store outside.With these storage facilities, you don’t have to worry about weather damage as many units come with climate control and have a steady airflow running through them.

As the Canadian cold sets in, the moisture and sheer drop in temperature can rot your belongings and cause major sustainability issues for the future.

Avoid this at all costs and get a unit before the winter hits. Storing perishable items in storage units might potentially save your belongings from succumbing to the weather.

5. Divide and conquer

Rather than making many big trips in one day, storage facilities give you the chance to put belongings away.

Rather than packing everything into a U-Haul and getting it done in one go, you can break down the process and conquer things in a more digestible way.

With that said, it’s always a good idea to get things done as soon as possible, but stressing yourself out should never be the answer.

Get the ball rolling at a pace you can manage; doing everything at once will leave you feeling drained and dreading the coming few days ahead.

The unboxing process can be a lot easier if you have a place to store everything and tackle things one step at a time.

Once you have time on your hands, you can unpack and arrange at a comfortable pace. This way, you also have a clearer idea of what goes where.


There we have it; some of the major reasons why we think storage facilities are essential in the moving process. These facilities and units can go a long way in making the process easier and breaking down tasks into bite-sized doses.One thing you want to make sure of is getting a unit size that fits your needs. Don’t opt for the biggest unit just because it’s there. A range of units could work well for you if you go through the options.

We hope that this article has been helpful and you find these units useful during your next move.