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In the past, the barriers surrounding the cannabis industry was far from easy to cross with laws and regulations in place; it was nearly impossible to use or sell cannabis products. Now, the industry’s stance has changed significantly with the legalisation of specific strains and cannabidiol infused products. Consumers need not worry about being persecuted by the full extent of the law.

The legalisation of the plant made way for various infused products to be created and left space for the innovation of CBD accessories. By definition, an accessory is any product or thing that can be added to something else to make it more beneficial or useful. Accessories are typically versatile and carry a sense of appeal or attractiveness.

Accessories can extend vastly, from a range of product extensions to the necessary additions / instruments, tools or ancillary components necessary to enable patients to benefit from the product or facilitate one or other delivery method.

For example, the basic product has been expanded into a wide variety of options, such as cannabidiol for vaping, which would need an e-cigarette or vaper.

Although the cannabis accessory industry is constantly rising, it is sometimes hard to find a physical store that stocks applicable items. Thus, most consumers opt for online stores that not only have a host of CBD accessories for sale, but also offer transparency and benefits such as:

  • Clear and concise information about each product – from vape pens to grinders/filters and more
  • Convenience through secure online payments and doorstep delivery
  • Expertly trained customer service agents available to answer any questions via email, telephone or live chat
  • Prices that are not inflated
  • High-quality authentic products

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Behind the CBD Accessory Market

The cannabis accessory market is fuelled by demand, curiosity, and easy availability. There is not an accessory that you could imagine that is not available online. With availability also comes a plethora of options from several reputable brands. The price ranges also differ, which means consumers can choose different CBD accessories for vaping or based on their needs – that best suits their price range.

The cannabis accessory market began its journey in late 2004; although this seems a bit recent, it is synonymous with the filtered introduction of cannabis-based products into the market. The rapid growth of the cannabis market into a billion-dollar legal industry accelerated the development of ancillary cannabis-related products.

In the beginning, CBD accessories consisted of essential items that were made explicitly for smoking. As the years went by, the cannabis plant was dissected, poked and prodded to find a deeper meaning to its effects. This was when scientists and investigators discovered the cannabidiol compound.

The discovery of this compound led to a wide range of products being developed, the most popular being:

  • Cannabidiol oils
  • Cannabidiol balms
  • Cannabidiol tinctures
  • Cannabidiol terpenes
  • Cannabidiol gummies
  • Cannabidiol vape oil/juice
  • Cannabidiol crystals/isolates
  • Cannabidiol capsules/tablets

This list is continually expanding over the years, and for every new cannabidiol creation, there are different CBD accessories for it.

These accessories elevate the look or feel of consuming cannabidiol products and help consumers extract the therapeutic benefits from their chosen product more easily.

CBD’s Legal Stance Facilitates the Creation of CBD Accessories

The use of cannabis has gained legal status across the USA as most states condone both plant and compound use. However, the UK did not follow suit until later days due to the lack of evidence supporting its therapeutic value.

In early 2003 the use of cannabis was prohibited as the substance was classed as a class B drug. In a few months, this rule changed as more clinical studies emerged, solidifying the tablet’s abilities and effects.  In 2004, cannabis was classified as a Class B drug, and in 2004 it moved on to being a Class C drug that showed therapeutic value with less severe penalties.

The official legalisation came in 2018; the law dictated that consumers needed to be prescribed the compound by a registered medical professional. Despite the legal woes that accompanied the plant, manufacturers continued to make CBD accessories, and certain online platforms were permitted to retail cannabidiol products and accessories. Accessories can help consumers achieve the following:

  • Accurate dose measurements
  • Flexibility with administration
  • Convenient handling of cannabidiol products
  • Easy and safe delivery of the compound

Examples of CBD Accessories

The world of medicine has changed significantly from the days of electric shock therapy and tobacco smoke enemas. Now, medical treatments are less invasive and more effective; some are chemically or synthetically based while others are naturally based.

One of the most effective natural-based treatments is cannabis, specifically the cannabidiol compound found in the cannabis plant. The growing cannabis industry allows retailers to dispense CBD accessories without pretence.

The legitimisation of cannabidiol infused products involves breaking stigmas and taking previously viewed niche products such as CBD accessories balms/vaping/topical application/ingestion into the mainstream. Some of the most popular accessories are demarcated below:

Cannabidiol-infused product Accessory match Accessory description



Oils, Tinctures, Terpenes

Different CBD accessories for cannabidiol oils, terpenes and tinctures are limited. The only useful accessory is straight tip/curved glass or plastic pipettes and droppers with rubber heads


A dropper or pipette is a slender tube attached to a collapsible bulb. They vary in capacity and has constricted delivery at the end. It is used to measure specific amounts of liquid such as cannabidiol oil accurately. When held vertically, this accessory delivers precise amounts of liquid without spillage.



Spatulas Also known as medical spatulas, these are small flat spoons used to dispense, mix and apply balms. It helps with accurate dosing, even application that helps consumers safely extract benefits from the CBD balm.
Terpenes, Vape oil/juice Mouthpieces, vaporisers, dabbers, adapters, replacement batteries, diffusers The vaping world has a large selection of accessories. The primary accessory is vaping pens which are used to dispense/administer cannabidiol juice.
Gummies, Capsules/tablets Different CBD accessories for gummies, tablets or crystals include tweezer pickers, medical measuring spoons


A picker is a mini tweezer that is typically made from plastic. It is used to pick gummies, tablets or solid isolates. It is helpful as it ensures that sweat or other external substances do not contaminate or affect the cannabidiol compound or its effects. The measuring spoon is used to measure isolate powders accurately.

Other CBD Accessories

Accessories add an overall appeal to cannabis and cannabidiol use. According to statistics, many consumers have acutely or chronically used cannabidiol infused products along with accessories. Accessories also assist users with the handling and administration of products. In addition to the accessories mentioned earlier, consumers also have several other options to choose from.

Some of them include:

  • Mixing and measuring instruments
  • Specialised storage vaults/containers
  • Heat chamber/mouthpiece screens
  • Wrapping papers
  • Infuser balls
  • Pre-rolls
  • Filters
  • Grinders
  • Strainers

These products and more can be easily sourced from online stores or speciality shops.