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Making fabric headboards plywood

The custom headers give you the freedom to create a look distinctive to the bed to match the rest of the decor of the room. Because you can get fabric in almost any color or pattern, it is easy to make the header is the focus point of the room or an accent support. Create an upholstered fabric headboard with a simple plate of plywood, a piece of foam and padding. Add a header to a bed brings a sense of luxury and beauty to the room.

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Measure the width of the mattress. The header needs to be at least the width.

Cut the plywood to these dimensions if the timber has not done for you. Sand the edges and corners of the plywood to remove any chips.

Put a plate of foam 2 inches (5.08 cm) thick on the floor and put the plywood board on top. Trace the plate with a fiber plywood and cut the shape with a knife.

Add 12 inches (30.48 cm) in both length and width of the plywood board to determine the size of the filler. Cut the padding and the fabric of this measure.

Place the fabric face down on a flat surface and put the filling up to line up the edges on all four sides. Put the foam plate in the center of the pile and plywood over the foam, so that the edges of the plywood and foam match. Folding the upper and lower edges of the filling and fabric over the bottom edges of the plywood.

Staple the padding and the fabric on the back of the plywood. Insert a staple every two inches (5.08 cm) with a staple gun, working from the center to the top of the left, then the right. Repeated on the lower edge. A staple inserted every two inch (5.08 cm) along the opposite sides, working from the top center, then the bottom.

Pre-drill one or two holes in the back of the head where you want to install the mounting device. Make a hole in the center and two on each side. Hold a flush mount on each hole and insert a screw into the hole, securing it with a screwdriver.