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How to create extra space

How to create extra space with a divider environments. Whenever you need more space in a house! Many times, my clients who have large rooms room or family room has a corner or section of a room that is never used. You may be in the same situation, so instead of creating another living room that may not be used, do what you have advised them to my clients : it divides a small room for extra room. You can use it as an office, sewing room or living crafts for kids – and the advantage of having this extra space is going to be separated from the rest of the room, allowing you to leave your projects on the table without creating clutter ! The best way to achieve this is with a space divider or screen environments. The hard surface is closer to the walls, giving a firmer appearance, whereas if you use a structure hanging from ceiling-mounted fabrics, styling as more improvised. Here are my tips to create an additional area with a divider environments.
extra space



We will create a workspace by selecting the middle of a room based on your taste, the furniture and the space you’re trying to create. You can buy it at any furniture store or you can create a custom splitter from a variety of materials, all depends on the style you want to achieve, whether modern or traditional, or if you want to have a delicate or masculine. On the Internet there are many companies that have availability of different styles of splitters and different materials.


Place the divisor into the room thinking of creating a peaceful environment for your workspace.

Leave your desk and your chair, but do not include too many objects for which space does not give you the feeling of being indoors.

Add details such as lighting, images and artwork to make it a warm and inviting place, while a touch of personality. Create the office environment with items such as books, magazines and a laptop.