Essential elements for a warm decor for winter

There is nothing like shelter home when it is cold outside. That warm feeling of protection that we feel in our home we do not find elsewhere. In addition, to promote it during the coldest months of the year, we tell you what the essential elements for a warm winter decor are. Your house is unique and there you feel wrapped as anywhere else. Do you know how to get it? It is easy. Just consider some essential factors that help you heat up the atmosphere.


There are different ways to increase the feeling of warmth of a space, and many of them are easy to implement. It is able to choose some of the elements of the decor, in addition to beautify an environment, it colleen and provide extra comfort. In addition, in pursuing this goal there are many fronts on which we can act: choose the textures and colors of furniture and accessories textiles add or enhance one or another way lighting.  

The natural materials totally connected with nature, takes the cake when planning the decor of any space. They are absolute trend, which does not surprise me, because its natural essence is beautiful. Yes, choose simple designs but very current, of clean contemporary lines. They combine well with all kinds of textures. And if you’re a lover of rustic style, discover how to recreate the most chic and current form.

Carpets, all a must

They are one of the star items of the most comfortable and welcoming environments. So if you want a warm winter decor in your living room, try it you will always have the carpets. They act as a second skin for soils, protecting them and making them warmer. When you go to choose them opt for large models, exceeding the furniture (otherwise seem rickety). And if you like are small, it combines several and put them together.

They are great for cold woolen carpets with long or short hair. They are very comfortable and soft. Also succeed the skin, which are so current and provide a bonus of modernity. And I speak not only of cowhide, also pony, zebra, goat, etc. Of all the possible ways and with all finishes, hides infallible in the warm decor for winter.

A world of color

Whenever we think of a warm decor winter, we come to mind the warm colors of the color spectrum. And although do not have to continually choose ocher, brown and brown and set aside blue and green cold, it is true that the colors you choose will help determine the temperature of your spaces. As basic guidelines, choose warm tones if you want a warm decor for winter, but do not let a side that can combine colors well and bring glamour: mustard, turquoise, purple.

Clearly, it is not the same, but not everyone has the good fortune to enjoy the hypnotic gaze of the fire on a burning fireplace. If you are one of the many who are not so lucky, watch this advice: put some decorative candles at strategic points in your living room and light them. It is not the same, but the brightness of the flames will bring warmth to the atmosphere.

Combine candles with soft lighting, which comes from simple lamps equipped with soft lights. So you can get a very relaxed atmosphere. To accomplish these go well dimmers, which offer the possibility to decide how much light you, need at every moment?