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Effective solutions to save water at home

Save water at home is one of the most important goals we should pursue. In addition, because not only we will reduce our monthly bill, but also because water is a precious and scarce commodity and we must learn to treat it as such not wasting a drop. Here are some easy solutions to get it. We turn on the tap and there it is clean and fresh running water for us.

However, a facility we have to get it does not mean that water is not a valuable and scarce resource. We must strive to save water at home and teach children to do well. To achieve this in addition to adopting a lifestyle to use changing our routines to take some useful measures to save water we can incorporate into our home some simple and practical solutions that will help us a lot in our work. You count:

Effective solutions to save water at home

The best solutions to save water at home

Saving water at home is much easier than you think. Besides not leaving the tap while brushing your teeth there are many other things you can do and do not require little effort or expensive works. Today we give you the best solutions easy to make and very effective. 

Install aerators on faucets

The bathroom is the area of the house in which more water is consumed. However, there are solutions that help us reduce this consumption. For example, you can install aerators on faucets. These pieces reduce water flow. What they do is mix the water with air thereby reducing the flow without seeming. To you it will not seem to leave less water for your taps but you will be saving half the water that you spent before. In addition, it is a very cheap and easy to install piece. Just screw it onto the tap mouth and ready. You can put it in the bathroom and in the kitchen faucet.

If you are going to reform the bathroom or kitchen with a consequent change of toilets, faucets and so on, it is time to bring to save water at home. Choose faucets spend less. For starters, they are all taps since they control the opening and the mixture of water with a single lever and avoid wasting water. There are also a few taps carrying handle dual position. They have to travel an aperture stop that 50% of water causal let out. Often you do not need to open the faucet. In addition, when you want more water, you just have to put pressure on the top so you can continue to open the tap completely.

Choose a thermostatic shower faucet. Allows you to select and set the temperature to which want to leave the water. This, besides being more comfortable when showering it prevents water and energy spends more time it takes to get the right temperature. If a normal tap waste needs about 8 liters of water in this process, one only needs to spend thermostatically two liters. Considerable savings, do not you think?

In addition, these modern shower faucets usually incorporate flow restrictor. And not only save water. Put a thermostatic shower faucet saves up to 20% on the gas bill or electricity. Pull the tank is a necessary act at home countless times repeated throughout the day. To begin make sure your tank takes mechanism Dual flush, it is not always necessary to empty the entire tank.

This dual switch lets you choose the discharge volume between 3 or 6 liters approximately. If you do not wear it, you can install it yourself, because it is a cheap and easy mechanism put. There are other solutions to control the cost of water in the toilet cistern: push buttons with flush interruption, adjustable filling taps, etc.