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Rustic doors and windows

The doors and windows are essential components of a house, the rustic and artisan can add personality. Most openings are solved with standardized parts for some time. Some custom work characterized by the material used and details. But these rustic doors and windows are also rustic work of a rare craftsmanship. You probably never or rarely got to see something. For more information about openings, doors and windows follow the link, you will find a list of relevant postings sorted for easy reference.

doors and windows

Gateway rustic wood
The first photo shows a wide gateway to a stone cottage and is a unique piece of craftsmanship. Everything is out of the ordinary to really appreciate this rustic door. The material, shape and the details are seen as a curiosity, because wood is the most common seems cutting blades trees by their shape.

Interior and wood and glass openings
It’s more like a storybook house, reflecting the nature of their environment. Regardless of other aspects of the cabin craft, its doors and windows are special models and unique rustic carpentry.

Foreign and rustic gallery openings
The openwork door windows, give the most differentially because they create the appearance not of logs, rather trees profiles. The design certainly not out of chance, is the result of careful thought.

Corner Detail window
The windows in the corner angle is a spectacle. Personally I have the impression of shapes and profiles very well balanced. The aesthetics of the doors and windows is very nice. intended to show parts of trees has been reached and is to applaud the designer craftsman.

Walls and ceiling openings vegetable craft
Other aspects of this rustic cabin are also very well made. Planted roof, stone walls and finishes painted white adobe. The hardiness of these works in wood and other materials neatly defined and even finishes impeccable.

Interior walls decorated
The interior is complete with art in decorating, curiosity leads the visit and arouses admiration for singular work building something different this standard.

Hall interior layout
There are many details care both doors and windows as in most of the terminations. Observe light windows in the roof over the interior doors in the hallway. The cabin is used for Buddhist retreats. Review the following relevant postings. Leave your opinion in a comment and add this blog to your favorites if you have not done.