Different Dishwasher Styles

No one likes doing the dirty dishes so, good thing the dishwasher is there to help. Back then, it was considered as luxury, but now it is a need in any new kitchen design or renovation. It’s a convenient way to wash dishes because it doesn’t only remove cleanse dishes of food grime, but it also helps sanitize dishes and kill bacteria and germs.

Today’s dishwashers come in a variety of sizes and forms, but here are the main styles of the dishwashers available in the market today:

1. Built-in dishwashers

1. Built-in dishwashers

Built-in dishwashers are the traditional type of dishwashers that can either be fully or semi-integrated into the lower kitchen cabinets. Being permanently installed in your kitchen sink, built-in units are easily located as there’s no need to relocate it every time you need to use it. It requires plumbing installation to connect to the home’s waterworks. Because it permanently stays with your kitchen, it is not recommended for those renting their homes.

A fully-integrated dishwasher has a front that matches the color, material and style of the kitchen cabinets, while a semi-integrated has a front different to the kitchen cabinet finish, yet it fits perfectly under the bench top with no gap.

Fitting a built-in dishwasher means sacrificing precious cupboard space, with the standard width of a dishwasher being 24” and 18” for more compact kitchens. But if you have ample cupboards and kitchen cabinets, the convenience of a dishwasher will quickly outweigh the reduction of storage space.

2. Drawer dishwashers

Also known as dishdrawers, drawer dishwasher units are non-traditional and pricey, but it’s one of the most convenient. Instead of the usual drop down door, it works like pull-out drawers. They come as single or double drawer unit, and needs the same permanent type of installation as a traditional dishwasher. Double drawers are independent of the other, and you can even use different wash cycles for each.

Dishdrawers are great for those kitchens with space restrictions, and for homeowners who want the option to choose smaller dishwashing loads. They are designed for fitting into kitchen cabinets. Single units are perfect for singles or couples with fewer dishwashing needs.

3. Freestanding dishwashers

Freestanding dishwashers are the most commonly found dishwasher in the market today. These units can be simply fitted under a counter or placed in its own space in the kitchen. Like the traditional built-ins, they can be 24” wide and can provide ample countertop space. But unlike the built-in ones, they don’t require special plumbing installation, but only a proper faucet adapter. Since it is easy to install, it makes a great option for those living in apartments.

4. Countertop dishwashers


If you can’t live without a dishwasher but your new space doesn’t come with a dishwasher, getting a countertop dishwasher is a practical choice. Also known as portable or benchtop dishwashers, they require a countertop or a stable kitchen cart to be placed near the sink. All you need is a faucet adapter so the dishwasher can be attached to a water source. The capacity of countertop dishwashers is generally smaller than the standard, and dishes are either air- heat- or hand-dried. It can be inadequate for a big family and impractical if you’re really short on counter space.