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Discover all the advantages of having an island in the kitchen

Who does not like kitchens with Central Island There is no element that arouses passions like a good insulated module in a large and colorful kitchen. However, it is not an easy item to get, at least in the kitchens of most people. Today we give you the keys so that you can build an island in the kitchen, even if it is small.

having an island in the kitchen

Island in the country kitchen

They like to rage and not surprising. An island in the kitchen is probably one of the things we would all like to have at home. In addition, this is because they are associated with spacious and spacious kitchens, where it is a luxury to cook, work and eat.

However, you do not really need as much space to enjoy an island in the kitchen. Today we tell you what requirements are necessary to install one and that the result is reasonable. Take note and consider making this dream come true.

The advantages of having an island in the kitchen

Kitchen islands are a practical element that has different benefits and advantages. For starters give us plenty of extra space to store something that in a kitchen never bad. On the other hand, the island gives you more space to work. You will find in it an additional worktop for cooking, preparing food, assembling plates etc. On the other hand, it gives a very special decorative touch. This decorative facet is what really attracts us, since the island is capable of giving the kitchen another dimension as far as interior design is concerned.

At first, we all thought that the kitchen islands are not for us. They are for those who boast huge kitchens, with a lot of square footage and plenty of free space. It does not take as much space as you think to enjoy an island in the kitchen, although there is a minimum required.

If you do not have this minimum of free space, installing an island can be nonsense. You will only be able to turn your kitchen into an uncomfortable place, without enough room to work or to be. Think that to put an island in the kitchen, you need to have around it a minimum of 1.10 m free. Of being in shape, you will have enough space to pass and to move freely. As far as height is concerned, the island’s countertop should be about 90 cm (3 “) like the rest of the countertops. This is the ideal height to work comfortably.

However, if you want (and you can) add a breakfast bar because your kitchen is large and that solution seems right, then you just have to raise the height of that part of the counter to 1.10 m. Therefore, you can put some high stools and get an extra space to eat. Note that the minimum width for a breakfast bar is 30 cm and the appropriate length about 40 cm per person.

How to distribute my kitchen with island

Surely, you already know how important the distribution of furniture and appliances in a kitchen is. Doing it right or wrong marks the difference between a practical and functional kitchen, comfortable, and another that is not at all.