Different Types of Headboards

Place a bed without a headboard against the wall and it would always look like something is missing. Headboards complete the bed and add style and depth to it without taking up too much space. Besides that, headboards provide a backing to the bed for relaxing to support your back when you want to sit. It can also block unnecessary wind and helps keep the bed area warm and cozy. If you want to buy high-quality fancy bed heads for an affordable price, click the link. 

Headboards can be attached to the bed frame or mounted directly on the wall. There are advantages to both types:

Attached headboards

  • Attached headboards – These are headboards that either come with the bed frame or include struts so that the board can be fitted into the back of the bed. The latter type needs to be measured accurately first to fit the bed perfectly. Attached headboards are more preferred by consumers simply because it looks complete, and they don’t want to experience the hassles of buying a separate headboard. This type is very secure and helps hold the pillows and sheets in place.

Wall-mounted headboards –

  • Wall-mounted headboards – These are headboards that are attached directly to the wall, giving the headboard a floating look. Some people prefer this type because they can easily change their beds if they want to because the headboard doesn’t need to match the size of the bed itself. It exudes elegance and easily shows the personal style of the owner, as this type is usually decorative. Oftentimes, the wall-mounted headboards you will see are upholstered headboards. Some also work as additional storage space with shelves and drawers, like bookshelf headboards and headboards in murphy beds.

Headboards can be of any design or style, but here are the broadest and most common types:

1. Wooden headboard

Obviously, wooden headboards are made of wood – the most common and oldest furniture building material. Depending on the type of wood and how it is carved or shaped, wooden headboards can cater to almost all design styles: from traditional to modern; from rustic to country. Wooden headboards are also incorporated into various bed types: from simple platform beds to creative bunk beds; from functional Murphy beds to elegant canopy beds.

While being oldest of all types, it still remains as one of the most popular choices because of the classic look and the familiar warmth it gives. It suits people who tend to redecorate their bedrooms more often since wood can match any design style and décor. Many people choose headboards with a natural wood finish, while some choose to paint their headboards in a variety of colors to match their design styles, décor, and other furnishings. Because wood is flexible and can be easily carved or cut, it can appear in any shape, style, and design you want. Most wooden headboards are made of a solid panel, while some come in thin spindles with classic finials on top.

2. Metal headboard

Metal headboards are popular because of modern bedroom designs. It lacks the warmth and familiarity of wooden headboards, but it provides a lighter, more versatile look. Metal is also well-chosen mainly because of the number of styles available and its affordability. It matches a lot of design types including industrial, contemporary, urban, minimalist, country and vintage.

Metal headboards can be made of brass metal, wrought iron, brushed aluminum, and stainless steel. Brass metal headboards are typically shiny and gold in color. It also works well to create a classic antique vibe, especially when it comes in embellished scrollwork or with elegant swirls and designs. The rest of the materials are commonly found in more modern designed headboards that gives the bedroom an urban look. They come in silver, nickel and black, and some also come in brown or white.

3. Upholstered headboard

Due to the added padding of upholstery, upholstered headboards are the most comfortable headboards around. Obviously, it adds soft support for the back when sitting, and for the head when lying down to sleep. More than that, it adds a more mature, luxurious and elegant feel to the room. They can easily add style to the room due to the wide variety of design, color, pattern, print and fabric choices. It also adds an element of texture to the room décor.

In picking an upholstered headboard, you can choose from its different shapes and forms such as rectangular, square, rounded, arched, roll top or oversized. Oversized headboards are becoming popular – some are even taller and wider than the mattress itself – and it adds a dramatic effect to the room. This type can even serve as a soundproofing element to the room.

Upholstered headboards also come in different types. Here are some examples:

  • Freestanding – this type is sold separately from the bed frame, and can even be made DIY. It can either be attached to the bed frame or the wall, it can simply stand between the bed and the wall without attaching it anywhere. It is easy to move and replace.
  • Fixed or wall-mounted – as stated earlier, a lot of fixed or wall-mounted headboards are of the upholstered type. Fixed headboards are attached to the wall and framed with wood. It is difficult to move and replace.
  • Straight – usually rectangular in shape, this type of headboard is simple. It is usually used to showcase a unique print or fabric, or it can keep a bed looking clean, chic and fuss-free.
  • Wood-framed – simply stated, it’s an upholstered headboard framed with wood. That means, the fabric doesn’t cover the entire headboard – the wood frames it for a decorative effect.
  • Tufted – like tufted couches, tufted headboards have buttons or grommet that are sewn or stapled in rows over the upholstery to create a plush and elegant look.

4. Bookcase headboard

Bookcase or bookshelf headboards are chosen by people who need extra storage that would occupy less space. This type of headboard is mounted on the wall, and can be shaped in a way that provides enough space on the center for the bed to fit, or may come in a simple bookshelf form that is simply placed on the back of the bed. It is typically made of wood, especially maple, oak or pine. Items typically stored in this type of headboards are books, framed photos, clocks, phones, lamps and another bedroom décor.