Detailed Guide on Buying Two-Stage Snow Blower

If you need a reliable and easy-to-manage machine to remove the snow from your yard in no time, you have to spend some time and pick the best 2-stage snowblower. If you don’t have much time, you can always skip the learning process and follow recommendations on BumperCrop Times, but some basic information about this machine is always helpful. A two-stage snowblower is already an advanced technology compared to the electric or single-stage models. Even the ordinary two-stage instrument can easily deal with a foot of snow as a piece of cake. If you want to use extra features, you have to find out what the market offers.

Types of Two-Stage Machines

Before you pick your first snowblower at the store, read this helpful guide. They are all different, and you can find some of their exclusive features beneficial for you. No matter which type you choose, they all are perfect for severe snow.

Entry-level type

An entry-level machine was created for deep snow layers. This model is more helpful than electric or single-stage options. Entry-level type can:

  • remove snowdrifts in no time, including snow mountains of any width on the driveway;
  • deal with snow of 16 inches in height;
  • its clearing width is 20-30 inches;
  • mid-steep incline;
  • throws snow of 40’ and less.

Mid-grade type

An average mid-grade snowblower is a massive tool you have to find a place for in your garage. Though it is bigger than the entry-level type, it is stronger and can throw snow 10 feet further. Its main advantages are:

  • such snowblower type usually has halogen headlights and interlocking controls for advanced comfortable use;
  • the machine is durable and usually made of high-quality aluminum;
  • it can deal with the snow height of up to 18 inches;
  • the clearing width is 24-38 inches;
  • it has a mid-steep incline;
  • this model throws snow 55 feet away.

Professional-grade type

If you want a snowblower of the pro-grade type, you have to look for it in a specific professional store. This type is meant to deal with serious problems and is widely used by experienced workers. Despite it dealing with a wide range of snow layers, it is not as affordable as the previous types. Among its benefits are:

  • durable high-quality cast iron gear and steel frames;
  • halogen highlighter, remote deflectors, and interlocking controls are the standard features of this type of tool;
  • the snow height it deals with is up to 18 inches;
  • the clearing width is 24-36 inches;
  • there is a mid-steep incline;
  • it throws snow up to 60 feet.

Track-Drive Snowblower

If you need something more powerful, you can always try the track-drive model. Its main quality is that it moves like a real tank on the snow. You don’t have to put any effort into dragging it through the snowy mountains. It does not lose its speed or power regardless of the amount of snow.

This model is more beneficial than those on wheels since it can move around any surface. Whether they are paved or unpaved, you can use the track-drive snowblower with equal power. Such models can be either two-stage or three-stage. Some of them offer speed control for better comfort of use. There is also the handle-mounted trigger for the safe steering that does not let you get hurt.

Extra Tools to Snowblowers

There are different add-ons that you might find helpful. If you need to clean your pavement often, this might be a great investment into your comfort. Check them out:

  1. Clean out tools. You might need them to remove extra snow and ice that was left on a snowblower. You can’t use your hands to clean the snow from the discharge chute. Some models already have cleaning tools in the pack.
  2. Cabs for snowblowers. They are perfect for regions with constantly changing weather. They protect the tool from rain, sleet, or snow. It is like a dome with side panels and a vinyl front. You can fold it up when the winter is over.
  3. Tire chains. If you don’t have the tank model, which might be pretty expensive, you can grant them safety and prolong the life of your snowblower with the tire chains. Such chains help the snowblower to reach perfect traction, and you can easily move the model around snow.
  4. The floor mat is made from heavy-duty material. It is good for the garage floor or any other place you are going to keep the machine in. You might not need it, since it does not help to remove snow. However, if you don’t want to damage the surface of any storage where you keep your snowblower, consider the mat. It is available at any store, just make sure that it can handle the weight of the machine and does not require extra care.
  5. The cover for a snowblower. While it might sound weird, you can damage your snowblower leaving it idle. Just wait for several seasons to pass. If your snowblower is dirty, covered with dust, it can easily rust. Apart from that, it’s better not to leave it standing near the water. The best snowblower cover comes in the package together with the machine you’ve ordered. However, if there is no original cover, you can always order one. Consider the dimensions of the model and make sure that the cover is made of reliable and durable materials.

Snowblower That Actually Works

You have lots of factors to consider before deciding which type of 2-stage snowblower you want to buy. It depends on the territory you want to clean and the area you live in. You have to consider the budget you are ready to spend. Pay attention to the extra features you might need, including warm handles or lights. It might take some time to find the appropriate machine; however, since the model might stay with you for years, it is better to buy the right one.