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How to design the loft style

The loft style incorporates urban furnishing and fashion in an open space with high ceilings, exposed air ducts, brick walls and concrete floors. Generally, the lofts are true urban living spaces in warehouses, factories and other commercial buildings transformed. They are great and have no partitions, so that the resident must divide the space into habitable areas. If you do not live in a loft, you can create your style anywhere if you mix a chic, contemporary furnishings with industrial elements. The challenge is to preserve the industrial environment and at the same time, ensure that the space is comfortable and inviting.

design the loft style

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Imitate the look of brick or stone wall exposed with wallpaper, faux painting technique or templates . The exposed brick is typical in style of loft.

Exposed air ducts or beams in the ceiling. A high ceiling with exposed pipes will provide the space the look of a store.

Place bright modern furniture that have clean lines and neutral tones around the space subareas. Balance the lines and angles and incorporates one or two curves with furniture like a sofa semicircular, round ottoman or a coffee table oval glass surface.

Divide the space into sections with a shoji screen, a library open either division to serve as a partial wall. This allows natural light to flow through the space and at the same time, provide some privacy and comfort. Delineates areas for dining, sleeping, entertaining, reading, etc..

Vary the texture of the items in the loft. Incorporates industrial surfaces bright as stainless steel, glass, granite black and chrome. Smooth shiny surfaces with plush carpets, textured cushions and curtains on the windows.

Install a mix of industrial lighting fixtures. Examples include pendant lights over the kitchen island, light rail in the area of rest and lamps wired elsewhere.

Displays a piece of modern art draws its large size and colors for use in accessories and cushions. The touches of bright primary colors add interest to all the furniture in neutral tones.