Decorating a Brick Wall

A brick wall is a statement piece of its own. Whether it’s painted or in its natural reddish-brown color, it adds warmth, texture, and interest to any space. It suits a lot of design styles, from rustic to modern, from industrial to contemporary. Though it looks great even when left bare, you can make it more interesting with a little flare. Here are some decorating ideas for your brick wall and to get high-quality supplies for brick and cladding facade, visit the given link. 

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1. Paintings and photographs

Artworks like paintings and photographs can be perfectly displayed on a brick wall. You can make your brick wall into a gallery wall, or you can simply hang a pair of them. You may also hang a big one surrounded by other smaller paintings or photos.

A simple painting or a black-and-white photograph works best on a red brick wall, but if you would paint your brick wall with a neutral color, it can bring out the best in a colorful painting or photo. Another idea we want to mention is a one-of-a-kind shimmer wall. Designed for special events and parties, it is guaranteed to make any room unique.

2. Black and white pain

Your brick wall doesn’t always need to stay red or brown. Painting your brick wall with white or black could make it eye-catching and suit a lot of furniture and décor pieces. A black and white combo never goes out of style. Pair a brick wall white and the adjoining wall with matte black (or vice versa), and then balance them off with wooden floorboards and metallic accents to achieve a sophisticated color combination.

3. Backless shelves

Display your books, décor, plants, and keepsakes in a backless shelf against the brick wall. Backless shelves let the brick take all the attention. Wooden or metal shelves perfectly complement the brick wall. You just have to make sure that the structure will stand and is sturdy enough to support itself and the other knickknacks you are going to place there.  

4. Natural materials

Decorations made of natural elements like wood, wicker and bamboo work great with bricks. It can be a bamboo wall décor, a wooden side table or a wicker accent chair placed against the wall. If you have white brick walls, you can pair it with dark wood furniture to provide contrast.

Brick Wall decoration

5. Garland

To make a brick wall look festive and to add pops of colors, you can put up different types of garlands. You may use tassels, feathers, felt balls and cutouts of any design, and then string them into twine or ribbon. You may use a wreath of any kind, especially if it’s made of flowers and greenery. It’s cheap and simple, but it can create a lively vibe for the room. You may hang them by using mounting putty or a few tacks.

6. Plants

Hang different indoor plants from the ceiling and use the brick wall as a canvas. Or you may do some vertical gardening with your indoor plants and use the brick wall as your backdrop. Plants and greens can bring the best out of the natural color of the wall.

7. Lanterns

Use artsy hanging lanterns and hanging lights on the ceiling of a room with a brick wall. This accentuates the brick wall. Hang light fixtures and lanterns of different height, colors, patterns or shapes to decorate the interior.

8. String lights

String lights come in different colors and varieties, but you can decorate your brick wall with simple and subtle versions, like those with white or yellow lights only so as to not overpower the natural beauty of the brick walls.

9. Textiles

Brick walls can sometimes give off that sturdy, masculine feel. Lighten up the vibe with the use of textile pieces like curtains and rugs. Sheer curtains can make the atmosphere of a room feel more like home. Fluffy rugs bring the sense of softness to an otherwise tough-looking room.

10. Leaning mirrors or photos

To help ground the room and decorate it at the same time, use oversized mirrors and photos and make them lean against a brick wall. If you will use a mirror, you can add a small cabinet or a low table in front to add more depth.

11. Fireplace

Create the traditional fireplace look by revealing the brickwork from the bottom of the chimney. A fireplace always looks good with a brick wall as a backdrop. Better if you color the fireplace black and pair it with neutral colors on the adjacent walls and floor to keep the look modern.

12. Travel souvenirs

Show off where your feet have landed using your brick wall. Exposed brickwork makes a perfect background for those wall decorations you bought from different parts of the world because of its earthy look. Just don’t cover the brick wall too much – remember that you are making use of its charm.

13. Mural

If you’re feeling extra artsy (or if you know someone with the painting skills of your taste), create a mural that covers the entire brick wall. Murals add an instant dramatic effect to the entire room. Be bold and express your art by making your brick wall your canvas.