Decorating with Black and White

The use of black-and-white combo in decorating can easily add sophistication and drama to any interior, especially when done right. These colors have the ultimate contrast, so expect to have a boldly colored interior. A room may be neutral, but the combination can help catch the eye and sharpen any decorating scheme. The use of these colors can give your interior a fresh, clean and elegant look. 

If you want to decorate with black and white but you are not sure how to do it correctly, you can choose to follow some of these tried-and-tested tips:

Make a statement with black and white pattern

Patterns make more of a statement when they are in black and white. You can add a wallpaper to a single accent wall with a black and white print to give a fresh and modern touch of pattern for your walls. But limit it to one wall only, or just a part of the walls to prevent a dizzying effect. Any pop of color that you will add will be highlighted. A black and white pattern is a fool-proof color combination that packs a lot of power and drama to the space. 

Add a black-and-white checkerboard floor to your kitchen

A black and white checkerboard floor is a good place to start decorating with this high-contrast combo. It’s best to add to the kitchen, as it adds a classic personality popular in 50’s diners, but keeps things interesting for an all-white kitchen. But the more preferred choice to complement with a checkerboard floor is a black marble kitchen island or countertop, then white baseboard moldings plus a black chandelier. This way, the two colors are scattered at all heights of the room.

Add black-and-white stripes to the walls

Black and white vertical stripes are a classic wallpaper option that can give the space an interesting and structured sense of energy. They add contrast to an otherwise basic space. Keep your other accessories simple to allow maximum impact. It’s best to add it as an accent wall, then keep the rest of the walls white. Also, consider choosing a warmer shade of white for the rest of the walls, so as not to make the room feel stark.

Make black and white the main color scheme of a small room

Make black and white the main color scheme of a small room

It’s great to use black and white as a main color scheme in a small room, like bathrooms, powder rooms and small bedrooms. This way, you can keep it cozy even if the color combination feels cold. Also, don’t be afraid to add a graphic black-and-white wallpaper in a small room. This can create a wow-effect to an otherwise boring interior.

Keep walls black and contrast it with white furnishings

Black walls are a welcomed change for people who aren’t afraid of painting bold colors. Matte black can serve as a moody background for polished metals and textured white linens and furniture. You can keep the walls black and make it a dramatic background for your crisp furniture. White window frames, mirrors and furniture pieces in different shades of white offset the slate walls to make the room soothing and fresh, not dark and gloomy. A visually interesting white chandelier can pop against a black wall, too. It’s also a versatile background for your hanging your black-and-white art pieces. But only paint your walls black if your room receives sufficient natural light.

Add a little bit of color to a black and white space

When adding color to a black and white space, remember that less is more. Limit how many colors you choose and limit its volume, too. A little bit of color hidden within the black and white scheme is charming, and it enhances the color combination even more. When picking your accent colors, choose up to two hues, and sometimes you can add one extra accent color to make the other hues pop.

Bring in textures

A black and white color scheme leads itself to pattern play and texture. Look for furniture and décor that adds texture, like wicker and terracotta. Add in some houseplants to add a sense of warmth and life to the room. Or you can just add texture-filled accents, like fluffy white cushions for a minimalist black table-and-chairs dining set.

Add touches of gray

Shades of gray are very much at home with the high contrast duo of black and white. Gray adds an elegant and classic effect that is much softer than black and white, but all the while still offering a formal and striking pairing.

Use gold as accent color

Introducing gold as an accent color to your black and white room is an instant way to glam up and warm up the space. The gold color creates a regal effect that makes the space look even more sophisticated. Incorporate gold with a sunburst mirror, a chandelier, a lamp, or through the legs of your coffee table. 

Keep walls and furniture white and add black accents

If you like Scandinavian (also known as Nordic) style, choosing black and white as your main color scheme looks very promising. But since the Scandinavian style glories in natural light, you have to keep black minimal. Choose white paint for the walls and white furnishings, and then have fun with black accents and décor. Black window frames, black pendant lights, black chandeliers, black pillows and black frames on wall hangings look especially vogue in these type of spaces. Also, a Scandinavian take on the black and white aesthetic modernizes and simplifies the palette. If you want to learn more about Scandinavian style of interior decoration, read here (

Furnish a gray room with black furniture pieces

Gray is a pretty common paint color for wall interiors. Adding black furniture and accessories, make the gray room ooze with class and sophistication. Contrast it with white ceilings, white crown moldings and white curtains to keep the room fresh and cozy.

Incorporate black and white with your linens

For your bedroom, having crisp white linens are perfect. Accent it with black and white striped bed skirt, black pillows and a comfy black chair. When buying fabrics, keep an eye out for plaids or pints with touches of black. As you use it in your bedroom, you can add black frames, black rugs, black lamps or hardware, while keeping your walls white.