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How to decorate your home

Recycle bunks wood to decorate your home allows you to express your artistic side and showcase your style of interior design, while making for a good environment . Living green does not mean being boring, sterile or simple. According to the article “On Art, The Art Of Escape, And Military Supply Chain” states that “it seems as if only the eye of the artist could really appreciate the cot, “and cites as an example” to create separate bunks projects wood , such as furniture or sculptures of recycled wood . ”

decorate your home


Prepare the bunks. Paint them to match the rest of your decor. If you are concerned about mold, use a special primer to kill spores and protect the wood .


Use the most solid basis for sunning as a bed, sofa or coffee table. Place pillows or large mattresses on it or use planks trimmed the top to give it more strength.
Put small sunning on the walls for shelves of eco-design support tableware or other collections. Place other against the wall on the floor to a shelf of shoes or plants.

Stack and glue together, varying angles and heights as you think stronger for heavier, such as a collection of objects ecological books shelves. Add visual interest to your home decor with lounge chairs of wood before cutting them join them at different heights and widths.

For simple pieces of artwork hanging different colors painted on the walls bunks. Creepers wraps, belts or chains in the transom to add additional texture.

Separate lounge chairs and used the wood holder to create portraits of paintings or photographs and place them on the shelves. Pictures or large prints more impact if a fall equal to the shelf on which are displayed material.

Take chairs and other ecological takes totally different crafts. Let your imagination and make sculptures, tapestries and other ecological geometric artistic expressions.