Decorate your floors with the most special summer rugs

Who said that carpets are only for winter? Nothing is further from reality. Like bicycles, there are specific models and materials to enjoy perfectly dressed floors, also in the hottest season of the year. Today we tell you everything you need to know to choose the perfect summer carpets for your home.

Decorate your floors

Not only are they perfect for dressing and decorating our floors but they isolate the cold and noise provide comfort and an extra dose of warmth that is not bad for any environment. However, the good weather arrives and it seems obliged to remove them to take them to the dye and to keep them until the autumn. It does not have to be this way: choose some summer rugs and enjoy them despite the heat.

Carpets do not lose their rationale when the good weather arrives. There are perfect models and materials to enjoy during the summer season. Although the warmth that they usually convey (and we like so much when it’s cold) is not so necessary summer carpets continue to play a prominent role: they decorate, provide comfort and protect the floor from everyday use. Why dispense with them?

Very light and fresh summer rugs

The key to carpets suitable for decorating in summer is the material. It is advisable to leave aside the most common textile fibers, such as wool, for example. Choose lighter fresh materials that do not transmit a sensation of heat.

We could make a distinction between summer carpets of natural fibers and rugs of synthetic material. If the first ones are perfect to decorate with a fresh and natural touch, the second ones are perfect to decorate the exterior spaces, since they support well the humidity and the solar radiation.

Wearing the floors of our home with natural fiber carpets is nothing new. These mats have been used for many years, and have not lost a bit of timeliness with the passage of time. Her beauty stand out for the bamboo, jute, sisal, hemp and cotton also very practical and cheerful. Although some of these materials can be used on terraces and porches it is best to reserve them for indoor since they should not be wet if you want them to last.

One option is to give them a treatment to protect them from stains and water, although this type of protectors only lasts about 3 or 4 years. To clean the carpets of natural fibers, you will have to pass the vacuum cleaner regularly. In addition, rub with a damp cloth in case they stain.

As for the types of natural fibers from which you can choose, there are several and all very decorative. Bamboo and hemp, for example, are more resistant so you can use them in areas of frequent use as lounges, hallways or receivers.