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Decorate a simple and elegant table

We show you a nice gallery with an example to give an elegant yet simple table decoration touch. Do not miss it!There are times, especially when we have guests at home, where we want a personal touch and different decorating our table. Often we do not know how to decorate properly for every occasion or for each type of food. Therefore, this time, we’ll show you an example of how to decorate a simple and elegant table . The decor is elegant and simple table highlighted by colorful light with which it is decorated. Often it is believed that for an elegant decoration must use the black color, but on this occasion, we bring a touch of elegance with small details without using black.

elegant table

This simple and elegant table stands out for two things: having the wooden legs in light color and the counter is a robust piece of glass in white. With this piece, an extra touch of elegance is achieved. As for the chairs are modern chairs with legs black with seats and backs upholstered in beige color. The table, with chairs, is located on a carpet hair beige defining this zone set of table and chairs.

As for the details of the table , there are two vases with simple wooden floors and a wooden bowl on a lighter color, with natural elements such as dried pineapple. In this way we contribute that we seek simple decor without losing the elegance of the table decoration. Finally, when decorating elegant and simple table, we must pay attention to the different elements that compose it. For the composition of the table, a few are used tablecloths individual the color of the napkins . The latter have a napkin rings created with small decorative beads gray. The same color used for the dishes. So, we will achieve the elegant and simple table we seek.