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Ideas dark cabinets for kitchen

To provide elegance to the kitchen environment, choose a darker shade for the cupboards, and will present a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Many manufacturers of cabinets made ​​wood furniture with dark finishes dyes, such as cherry, maple, oak, walnut and alder. Each has its own qualities and can make your kitchen look attractive.
cabinets for kitchen

Cherry is a hardwood that creates beautiful cabinets. Provides an intense look and a reddish brown tone becomes darker with time and sunlight. Generally, this timber has a uniform grain and texture, even though some grain surfaces exhibit cherry or larger knots. The cherry cabinets look great with any table, but of natural stones such as granite, cherry highlight the elegant look. Any color table, either dark or light, it will work perfectly with the cherry, and a floor clearer extend warm wood tones.


Maple is one of the most popular types of hardwood cupboards, and as has a uniform color and a fine stuff, lets look sturdy cabinets with great looks. Usually not as expensive as the cherry wood materials, but still offers a similar appearance. The type of Corian countertops, solid surface with a light color and a border inlaid with dark color and a strip of wall behind the counter with the same dark colors creates a great combination for dark maple cabinets. Combines style with a flat light colored ceramic tiles interspersed with dark color and you’ll receive a kitchen worthy of an award.
An economical choice is to wear dark wood cabinets oak that anyway generate a sturdy piece of furniture. The oak surface exhibits a streak of irregular shape, but you can also find some with straight grain. An idea to build a wonderful kitchen is to use dark oak cabinets in most of the kitchen and then put furniture lighter or light beige oak in an area of ​​prominence, such as on the kitchen stove or island. The combination of light and dark cabinets color provides a very bright and cheerful tone. If you place a counter with neutral colors can complement the difference in wood tones.

The hickory is a very popular material for cabinets and not find a variety of options for this type of wood, but it is a durable piece of furniture. Most companies offer one or two choices of finishes walnut cabinets, usually in dark brown and black tones. Many kitchen designers have computer programs that allow you to enter the type and color of the cupboard along with the colors of the countertop and even the floor so that the client has an idea of the finished kitchen. The website offers a nice gallery of images with ideas dark cabinets.

The alder wood has medium density and will sport a cupboard with a smooth surface and refined grains. Not usually found alder cabinets with dye black; often are available in dark brown and reddish tones. The alder wood cabinets look great with colors highlighting the reddish wood, for example Corian countertops mottled or granite. The use of special lighting is another idea to improve the appearance of the cabinets with dark tones.