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How to make curtains with folds and frills

An elegant decoration is a border along the window with pleated panels in cascade to the sides. These panels are known as frills. They become shorter as they approach the center tapering to the bottom of the window and beyond. Often used with a panel curtains to cover the center transparent. Making your own curtains custom pleated involves having some skills of sewing basic and improvements for the room where the hang up.


Purchase fabric for your curtains along with a muslin for the pattern of the curtains.
Purchase fabric for your curtains along with a muslin for the pattern of the curtains . Muslin and curtains should be the same width. You will use the muslin to make the pattern for the curtains .


curtains with folds and frills

Measure your window.
Measure your window, adding extra length if you want your curtains hang below the windowsill. Cut the muslin certain length, add 1 inch (2.54 cm) hem allowance (1/2 inch (1.27 cm) to the top and bottom).
Determines the length of the shorter fold your curtains.
Determines how long the shortest fold your curtains . A standard measure for this is to take the lowest point of the curtain to hang up in the top of the window between the pleating. Add 1/2 inch (1.27 cm) hem allowance.

Place the muslin at the desk. The cut edges must be on the top and bottom. Measure the length that starts at the top left to bottom point of that side. Locate a reference point to go from there to the bottom right corner and mark a straight line with chalk. Cut the muslin along that line. The left side is now short and the right side is long. This is your pattern.

Cut two panels of fabric for your curtains using the muslin pattern.
Cut two panels of fabric for your curtains using the muslin pattern. Flips over one second for the fabric pieces are identical. The printed patterns or yarn of the fabric must run in the same direction. Make the hem between the two panels on all sides.

Slide a border frame on the top edges.
Determines the width you want for each panel of your window. Want to hang at the sides of the fold and having an open area between them. For example, if the window measures 36 inches (91.44 cm) wide, you might want to have 12 inches (30.48 cm) spacing between the panels so that each panel should measure 12 inches (30 , 48 cm) wide. Actual measurements depend on you. Place one of the fabric panels with the right side up and fold it into pleats by hand. Adjust them so that the panel is the width you decided. Uses a criterion for ensuring that each crease has the same width, it is important that uniform. Keep adjusting the cloth until it looks the way you want. Secure with pins and iron the folds. Repeating all the other panel so that it has the same width. Side panels placed next to and slides a border frame at the upper edges.

Add the curtain and hang the box in the window valance.
Stapled panels by folding the upper border thereof on top of the frame. The long sides aligned with the outer edges of the frame. Place the staples down the pleats at the top of each panel removing pins as you go. Stapling the folds on the top edge of the frame or at the rear so that the staples are not. Add the shade and hangs the box on the window valance.