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Curtains with felt butterflies

What do you think the idea of making curtains with felt butterflies? It is a very simple and very decorative idea.Butterflies are increasingly present in the decoration, especially at certain times of year as the spring or summer. It is very common to see decorative butterflies on the wall and other elements as a supplement. S This time we propose a very simple idea to are one cheerful and different touch to your home. It is make some curtains felt having butterflies of different colors. What do you think of the idea?


To these curtains, the process is very simple . The first is to draw the silhouette of a butterfly on the felt. Then, disconnect the felt until the number of butterflies you want. In our case, we will use small balls of felt amassed as a separation between butterfly and butterfly. But it is also possible to use basic circles with felt or plastic pellets and wood.

With a needle and thread , let’s go uniting different elements leaving some separation between them. The thread is better than a little thick to be better fixed in butterflies and to give you a little present to the curtain. One could also use a thin tie , but in this case would have to use a wider needle. Once we have all the strips you want, we can secure the upper end on a small table as a base . Another option is to attach each wire to the surface on which you want to place the curtain.

In this way, you can use this type of curtains with felt butterflies to decorate a wall . For example, as a headboard placing curtain wall. You can also put in a door opening onto a terrace or just in the room of children hung from the ceiling. What do you think of the idea? Do you have any similar work? Can you share your photos in the craft community on the web!