How to hang curtains properly

When hanging curtains you can create a dramatic look in your home, if you do it properly. Depending on the length and style of curtains you choose, the room can make an elegant, romantic look or charm of the countryside . Learn how to hang curtains properly is an important step to ensure that will achieve the best look for your home decor.


Determine the proper length of the curtains for your windows establishments based on the location in your home and get the look you want. The curtains are suitable shorter for kitchen and should reach just below or above the window frame. In the dining rooms, formal living rooms or houses, the curtains that reach the ground are more appropriate, and whether they are used to block light or as element decorative. The curtains that touch the ground give the master bedroom an air of romance.

How to hang curtains

Measure the windows properly to make sure you buy the curtains of the correct length needed, based on how you want the curtains to hang and where you will install the bar for curtains . When measuring the windows, take all possible measures, including the distance from the top of the window frame to the floor, the width of the window including and excluding the frame, the distance between the outer frame and the wall, and the length of the window frame and without the inclusion.

Plan any special effect you want to create with your curtains , and create an illusion of larger windows and higher ceilings. To give the appearance of larger windows, choose curtains that reach the floor and install them over the top frame of the window. When trying to get this look, it is important that the window frame is not visible on the top of the curtains . You may need curtains with a valance canopy to achieve this look properly. To make the narrow windows look wider, hang the curtains outside the window frame, making sure the frame is completely covered by the curtains .

Install the rod curtains . Typically, these are installed about four inches (10.2 centimeters) above the window frame, but can be hung above the window to make it look bigger. When installing the bars is important to make sure that the curtains you hang are the proper length. The curtains should no longer hang on, or even flush with the socket. For best results, make sure you hang just above the floor.

Put curtains on the toolbar to complete the project.