Complete Residential Contractor Services: Siding, Roofing, Door and Gutter Installation and Repair

Curb appeal of your home plays an integral role in first impressions for visitors and increases resale value, so maintaining and updating it periodically to stay ahead of style trends will keep your home value high.

Painting can add a splash of color, and choosing colors that complement door and window trim for a cohesive appearance is one simple solution. Other upgrades could include widening walkways, adding lighting fixtures or installing trellises or columns that draw the eye up and around your home.


Any small project can add curb appeal to your home exterior; whether it is replacing your front door, painting your house a fresh hue, or adding strategically-placed planters. Even with one weekend to spare, these simple ideas can have a dramatic impact on curb appeal and transform its appearance.

New siding can help increase the value and refresh the look of your home. Choose a color that reflects your personal taste, then add features like accent trim, brick veneer or stone gable accents to further enhance its aesthetics. Sites like can help you visualize these choices.

Renovated siding offers many other advantages as well, including enhanced energy efficiency.

When properly insulated materials are placed around your home, less of your cooled or heated air escapes through its walls – potentially saving money over time on energy costs.

Residential Contractor

While DIY home improvements might save money upfront, hiring professional services often makes more financial sense in the long run.

Contractors usually have insurance and workers’ compensation coverage that protect them if something goes wrong during your renovation project, removing liability from you as the homeowner. In addition, local climate conditions dictate which materials work best when installed correctly for longevity purposes – something homeowners without experience are unlikely to understand well when trying DIY methods themselves.

Finally, working with an excellent contractor will both boost resale value and improve living experience whether or not you are planning to sell in the near future; therefore making these upgrades worth your while investment today. You can visit this site to learn more.

Refreshing the exterior of your home with a new exterior can transform its appearance and help it stand out in its neighborhood.

Door Installation

Homeowners can reap many advantages of installing an exterior door, including increased energy efficiency, safety, and security as well as enhanced aesthetic appeal and curb appeal.

Installation should be carried out carefully; for best results it’s advisable to hire an experienced contractor. Look for local reputable professionals like the ones at Monarch Siding, Windows, & Roofing, Inc. to perform the job for you. They can ensure a high-quality result.

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No matter if it’s replacing exterior doors or building from scratch, selecting an entryway design that best meets your home’s aesthetics or security features is of equal importance.

Tips For Upgrading Your Gutters

Gutters are an essential component of your roof system. Their function is to direct rainwater away from the foundation of your house and, when they fail to do their job properly, can overflow and cause serious foundational issues as well as seepage into basement areas. This can cause a flood that will impact furniture or valuables stored below ground level.

Gutter replacement should generally be left to professional roofers but homeowners with some experience and proper tools can manage this project themselves.

If you opt to upgrade your gutters yourself, be sure to take the time and care necessary to clean them before beginning the project. Doing this will allow you to assess their condition.

For this task, you will require a ladder, bucket and gutter scoop (or plastic garden trowel). A garden hose might also come in handy to assess any blockages caused by heavy rainfall events.

Proper gutters aren’t just crucial to maintaining the aesthetic appeal and safety of your yard and home; they’re essential for keeping you and your family protected as well.

Without gutters, water could accumulate on your roof, seep through shingles and cause significant damage to eaves, fascia and siding; lead to basement leaks; cause rotting wood; cause foundation cracks which cost thousands to repair; and cause leakage at eaves level.