Common Furnace Problems and its Troubleshooting Tips

When the winter strikes hard on the Buffalo, NY, residents, they rush to get aid from the experts for Heating Services, as to be safe and comfortable from the cold days. But most of the time, homeowners miss out on the common furnace problem, thereby inviting other major problems. 

Hence to help them know and understand their furnace better, Smart Home Heating and Cooling offers few valuable maintenance tips to detect furnace problems better and the ways to handle them. This is the reason, they are popularly tagged for the Best Furnace repair Buffalo, NY for their reliability and affordability. 

Common Furnace Problems

  • Cracked Heat Exchanger – This is one of the costliest repairing expenses that can be prevented with regular care and maintenance.
  • Dirty Filters – A dirty filter will make your system work harder. This will in turn affect the inner components and will lead to wear and tear. It also lowers the quality of the indoor air and will present you with high energy bills. The air filter must be cleaned at least once in 2-3 months for better system operation. 
  • Slipped or Frayed Blower Belt – It is indicated by a highly pitched sequel. 
  • Electric Ignition or Pilot Control Problems – This issue reduces the heat that is transferred to your house. 
  • Malfunction Thermostat – It will lead to many problems out of which fan and temperature control affects the most. 
  • Flickering or Yellow Pilot Light – It indicates that excess carbon monoxide is let in the gas furnace. This calls for immediate help from the experts for furnace repair Buffalo. 
  • Mechanical Problems – Loud or unusual sound indicates mechanical problems, clogged burner, or airflow reduction.  
  • Frequent Cycling – If your system repeatedly switches on and off, then there must be a clogged air filter, bad thermostat settings, or improper airflow. 
  • The Furnace Doesn’t Heat at All – If the furnace fails in its basic operation, then there must be issues with its settings, inner components, or thermostat. Get it repaired at the earliest, before it damages other parts of the system.
  • Wear and Tear – If your system has passed its period time, then it is normal for it to cause problems like airflow problems, overheating, and more.  

These are a few of the most common furnace problems that can be avoided by following the below measures.

  • Regular Maintenance – Your furnace must be scheduled for regular annual maintenance. This will prevent unexpected breakdowns and problems and will enable the smooth functioning and operation of the furnace system.
  • Dirty Filters – Clogged or dirty air filters will reduce airflow, forcing the system to work harder. Make sure to clean/replace the filter at least once in 2-3 months to avoid damage to the system’s components. 
  • Check the Thermostats – if your furnace system fails to produce sufficient heat or no heat, then first check the settings of the thermostat. Check the battery for replacements. Make sure the thermoset is set to Heat mode and that it is set to a little higher temperature than the current room temperature. If everything seems to be working fine, then get help from the experts.

Besides, you must make sure your furnace is well connected with the thermostat in terms of its capacity and capability. This is the basic requirement which if you fail would lead to many problems in the future.

The following are a few of the common problems, which you can take care of it yourself, without the professionals’ help. This does not mean you can avoid help from the experts, but you can give a try to repair it yourself.

  • Check the Circuit breaker and power supply – If the furnace refuses to stop or the thermostat screens turns blank, check whether the fuse is tripped or blown. Also, check whether the plug is properly connected or not.
  • Reduced drafts – If the draft is causing you issues, then close the doors and windows for better working. 
  • Mechanical Issues – This must be done only if you have proper knowledge and training of the system. If not, get help from the experts.
  • Gas Leak – This problem you can in no way handle without the experts. In case of leakage, vacate the place immediately and call the professional at the earliest.

When your furnace is giving you problems, do not hesitate to call the experts as avoiding it, will lead to more severe problems and repairs.