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Cleaning the bathroom

It is important that the bathroom is always hygienic. If you incorporate daily grooming routine, you will achieve kill germs. We’ll tell you in this guide Cleaning the bathroom. The bathroom is one room in the home that requires great care and cleaning. If loggers incorporate a frequent grooming routine for furniture, floors and walls, you get mold and harmful bacteria do not accumulate anywhere. Then we indicate some methods on how to clean the bathroom that are going to be very practical in everyday life.

Remember: before applying any of these methods, always perform a test on an inconspicuous area. As there are a variety of solutions multipurpose cleaning the bathroom, should combine these methods with commercial products, please read and follow the label directions and do not forget to wear gloves to protect your hands.

cleaning the bathroom

How to remove stains from bathroom

Here are a few tips on how to remove tartar bath, water spots and other dirt deposits on the toilet, the sink and faucets.


1. You can clean the outside of the toilet with a cloth dampened in a multipurpose disinfectant soap or a disposable towel. This will remove dust and other dirt tracks.
2. To keep fresh and clean inside the toilet, it is useful to add a pill
3. Also you can clean it with a little bleach or vinegar solution, hot water and cooking salt.
4. Whatever product you choose or use, let it always act and use a toilet brush to scrub the inside. It is always advisable to ensure that the product does not cause any harm.

How to clean bathroom tile

The spaces between tiles should be rubbed with a brush regularly.
The tiles can be sprayed with a solution of liquid purpose cleaner, or else you can refregarlos with disinfectant wipes or a sponge dampened in a preparation of 1 tablespoon of bleach dissolved in ½ liter of water.
Then rub with a sponge to remove water spots and other traces.
Rinse and dry with a soft cloth.

How to clean mirrors and bathroom windows

In the crystals, a lot of dust and humidity is also accumulated, so it is important to use a specific solution to clean glass and dry with a microfiber cloth. If you prefer, vinegar can do a good job to clean these surfaces. For the chosen product, always test on a small area before use. Finally, you can dry mirrors and windows with newspaper.