How to create a canopy for a bed

A pure and airy canopy adds a touch of magic, mystery and romance to the room. Easily update your bedroom with a canopy gauze that does not require sewing.


Chiffon comes in various colors and prints. Cut your chiffon in half so you have two panels of 3 yards long. Or just ask to cut two pieces of gauze 3 yards each.

canopy for a bed

Cut two pieces of tape seam that joins the board width is your panels gauze.
Be sure to use your iron in the correct configuration with a clothes press. Put the sticky side of the tape on the top edge of the fabric panel backwards. Place a clothes press on the seam tape and iron on low. Depending on the purity of your dress can be difficult to differentiate between the right and wrong sides of the fabric. Typically it’s the side with a little more shade brighter . When buying your fabric will be the side facing outward on the bolt or hanger, so mark it on the edge if you need a piece of transparent tape.

Remove the paper backing from the seam tape.

Fold the top edge of each panel about two inches (5 cm) and use your press ironing clothes each. Now you’ve made ​​pockets for the rod curtain in your panels.

Embroidery hoops come in several different colors, try to find one to combine with the fabric. Unscrew the embroidery hoop and shows the inner ring.

Slide the curtains of gauze over the embroidery hoop.

Tie the knot surely, do not want your canopy to fall in the middle of the night. Tying one end of the tape to the embroidery hoop in the opening between the two panels of gauze. Be sure to tie a double knot for durability

Try to make the loop is centered on the embroidery hoop to hang it so it does not have to adjust too. Tie the loose ends of the ribbons together making a loop and tie a double knot.

Ceiling hooks come in a variety of designs. Decide if you want your poster to hang on the head of your bed or directly on the environment, and screw hook on the ceiling.

Add a touch of “magic” to the canopy for a little girl to stick some gems on it. Hang your canopy chiffon slip it around the center of the ribbon bow on the hook. Fix chiffon panels on the sides of your bed.