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How to build a canopy bed wood

A canopy over a bed gives you a feeling of royalty. This device also makes the bed is a private corner. Here you will learn to make a simple and cheap canopy for your bed wood.


Measure the ceiling height and the height of the four posts of your canopy. To measure this height, measured from the ground up. Some people prefer a high canopy, while others prefer a low. Measure the length of the pins to cross bars. You will need two pins along the length of the bed and 4 by the width. Measure the length and width of the fabric.

How to build a canopy bed wood


Get all the sheets and the mattress on the bed. Put the pins that make the posts at the four corners of the bed. To place the poles , lift them on the floor and drilled holes and put them with stove bolts in each leg of the bed or corner. Repeat on all four posts at the corners.


Put a peg beside the bed width one inch (2.5 cm) below the top of the pole , the two posts at the head of the bed. To put pegs crossbars, use the angle brackets. Put a second pin 2 1/2 inches (6.2 cm) at the first cross bar using the angle brackets. Repeat with two pins at the foot of the bed. Put the plug for longer cross by the side of the bed bar between two poles with angle brackets. Repeat on the other side.

Choose fabric according to the purpose or the effect you want to give the canopy. A net is a light proof fabric canopies ideal for insects. Velvet or satin give you a sense of royalty to the article. You can also choose the same material as the bed covers to coordinate with the decor.

Cut the fabric to measure the entire area between the poles on the bed, leaving enough around the sides to make a hem. Cut fabric long desired to hang on the sides of the canopy. If you want to make one full-length, fabric side curtain making, should be cut into two pieces on each side of the bed before sewing the fabric to the one on the roof. Sew the canopy covers and side curtains.