Can A Locksmith Make A Key Without An Original?

We are well aware that locksmiths are proficient at duplicating keys from the originals. That might leave us wondering if they can make a key from a lock itself. This question particularly arises when someone loses or has a damaged original key to contend with. Nobody wants to be locked out of their home or car just because they do not have the original keys. In case you lose your key, it is wise to engage the services of a professional locksmith service provider such as Locksmith Sacramento to help you deal with the situation.

Yet it should be kept in mind that locksmiths cannot make keys from locks for all types though. High-security locks are meant to deter any such trial for duplicating the original keys. So, how do locksmiths duplicate keys? Refer this excellent locksmith site.

Making A Lock Impression

Impressioning a lock for duplicate keys is a comparatively direct method for duplicating keys. Despite the simplicity of the process, professionals need to have enough experience to handle impression work. They use an appropriate key blank, which is inserted into the lock cylinder for binding with the internal pins. Different key blanks made of steel, brass, or aluminum might be used. This process requires care in order to avoid any lock damage during the process. If you badly need a professional locksmith but your budget is tight, no need to worry because you can ask for help from an expert but Affordable Locksmith Newstead.

Locks generally consist of multiple pins inside. Hence, keys need to have a similar number of cuts to bind with the pins for unlocking. For this, locksmith Las Vegas repeatedly insert the key blank to mark correct cuts on these. The number of trials will depend on the complexity of the lock pins and the locksmith’s expertise. Once the marks are made, a locksmith will file down the blank key to create a working key. Major tools used for this process include suitable key blanks, proper files, and a vice grip.

Cutting The Key By Code

Lock manufacturers generally stamp characters referred to as “keycodes” on their devices or device manuals. These provide an easier and quicker means for locksmiths to redesign duplicate keys. Key codes can be either blind codes or bitting codes. The ones locksmiths use for duplication purposes are the bitting codes. The depths and spacing of cuts required on key blanks can be decrypted from these key codes. However, in some cases, key codes are stamped to the original keys, and losing them might make this method unsuitable.

Next, locksmiths use code cutters like the HPC Blitz key generator to make cuts on key blanks following the key codes. Where manufacturers do not stamp the key codes anywhere on their devices, a locksmith can approach retailers or manufacturers directly for the same. However, only licensed locksmiths can have access to such sensitive information on request. Contact for reliable 24-hour mobile locksmith services.

Complete Lock Disassembling

When everything else fails, the last option might be to disassemble the lock itself. This is a delicate process and only meant for the experts to handle. Any mistake can cause the lock pins to be damaged or be thrown out of alignment permanently. Disassembly of a lock cylinder uses reverse engineering to recreate a key by understanding the height and alignment of pins within the cylinder. Non-destructive disassembly of the lock is critical for this method.

Lock picking is one of the most popular ways of doing this. For pin tumbler variants, removing the lock from an attached door is essential for proper disassembly. Careful measurements are taken for the pins and other internal components in the process. These specifications help locksmiths to make necessary cuts on a key blank to work with the lock.

Using Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)

This particular method is used for duplicating vehicle keys when the original set is either lost or misplaced. VINs are usually located somewhere inside the vehicle, on the driver’s side doorpost, or on a metal plate near the dashboard. In order to access this, a locksmith will have to pick the car lock and get inside.

Before proceeding with this method, locksmiths ensure the ownership of the vehicle by checking the relevant papers. They also gather information with regards to the year, make, and model of the vehicle. VIN reference provides the exact key code for locksmiths to cut new keys. For car keys with a transponder, locksmiths might need to reprogram the new keys to work.

Locksmiths are professional experts to deal with all kinds of lost key issues. Although having the original keys make duplication easier for them, they are skilled enough to handle your lost or damaged key situations without the originals. DIY experimentation might not be appropriate for any of the discussed methods to avoid unwanted damage to the locks.