Bathroom Designs

Bright and functional bathroom decor

This time we focus on bathroom decor. We start with a dated bathroom for a bright and practical bathroom without doing works. From Deco garden we give a simple and quick option to change the look of a dated bathroom and turn it into a bright and practical bathroom. It is redecorating the bathroom without performing works but giving it a more modern look. The first is to paint the tiles with special paint and the next place a vinyl floor . With these two changes, the room look much more modern . If we add an original composition of drawers in the wall as shelves and mirrors, and basic elements in a bathroom, achieve a bright and practical bathroom. And do not miss the step to reform the bathroom for very little money!


Step by step to decorate a bright and functional bathroom

Step 1

We have a bathroom with toilet tiles, tiles 70s and overall decor a little dated. We will achieve a brighter stay without work.

Step 2

started painting the wall tiles . The first will clean the surface well and make sure it is dry. Then, with specific paint tile white and began to paint roller. To cover well and remains a good result, apply two coats of paint.

Step 3

The next step will change the appearance of the floor. No need to do any kind of work we’re going to put a vinyl floor . Little by little we will be covering the whole ground and will make every auction .

Step 4

As the walls and floor are already in a more modern and bright appearance, the next thing we will do is to place certain elements basic and practical in a shower: soap dish, shelves, etc. All these elements will fix with adhesive strips to avoid making holes.

Step 5

We equipping the bathroom. Let’s reuse wooden drawers and drawers will place within these mirrors or paint it a light color. To do this, first be sanded well drawers.

Step 6

Once we have good sanding drawers, going to paint white . In the case of not carrying drawers mirror, the light color paint it.

Step 7

Once we have enough ready drawers with wall fixings . Let’s create a simple composition on wall with different drawers. To fix them, we can use screws or adhesive strips to avoid making holes.

Step 8

We finish the decoration of this bright and practical bathroom placing certain elements like a carpet, some towels, a point of light, a curtain at the window, etc. In short, we equip the room to become a simple but functional bathroom.