Painting Houses Wall Decor

How to choose the best paint color for a room

How to choose the best paint color for a room. Choosing a paint color can be a little tricky because lighting and shadows affect it dramatically. Here are some tips to get the right color. Instructions 1 Study the color combinations that you admire in home decorating magazines and cut out any particularly attractive example. Take them with you when going to buy paint .   best paint color for a room 2 Remember that color is often more intense on the wall than in a sample card. If in doubt, take a color one or two shades lighter. 3 Remember that yellow and pink shades give a warm feeling to a room. The greens, blues and grays are cool colors.


4 Avoid snow white except ultramodern, minimalist environments, because it will be too hard and effect sterile operating room. It is better to keep a blank containing a touch of peach, beige or pink.


5 Reserve bold color combinations for rooms where you do not spend large amounts of time, such as bathrooms and kitchens. You get tired of these combinations if they are in the study, the kitchen, the living room or other rooms where you stay for hours.

6 Bring fabric if you will combine. If you have a sample, take a pillow from the couch, a bedspread or curtain panel, for example.

7 Start with small amounts, buying just a liter or a similar amount of paint, then painting a part of the wall with a brush or roller. Or try the color on a piece of plywood, plaster or good size (perhaps 91 square centimeters). Then place this piece against the walls in the room as the light changes (including artificial light) and evaluate it for a few days.

8 Try a combination of two tones, such as paneling on the walls one color and another. Do this two tables or painting a table with both colors.

9 Repeat the test, setting the tone with more pink, less peach or whatever seems appropriate, in small cans of paint until you are satisfied. Yes, the cost of testing several paintings may increase, but can prevent disaster to apply, say 11 liters and a half the wrong color and see you forced to repaint.