Bathroom Renovations Implemented in Canberra

The capital city of Australia, Canberra, is its largest inland city and no 8 on the list of its overall size. Located on the northern end of the country it has some of the best and hottest climates in the world, ranging up to 44 degrees Fahrenheit and at its lowest, it can get to – 10 degrees. Needless to say, many people flock to this part of the country because it has so many possibilities, including its natural landscape, clear air, and urbanized planned city.

The idea of the planned city, more than anything else, is what has appealed to a lot of investors in the space too. It has been carefully planned and constructed on barren land, but also to preserve the natural landscape, it has not been populated with too many buildings and the ones that are there are unique and long-lasting.

Even though this reasonably small-sized community town seems quaint, it has a mix of both the traditional and modern in it. From people of all ages to houses of all ages, sizes, and architectural capacities, this site for more information. Because of the abundance of space to play with, many have resorted to taking advantage of this and during the recent pandemic that has affected the world, they have made the most of renovations and upgrading their homes, with the time they have needed to stay in lockdown.

Some of The Options Implemented in Renovations

Those who have already done it can set an example for those still looking to get it done, so below, we have included a few of the many things people have renovated in and around their homes, both on the outside and the interior of the house, starting with the most popular one, bathroom renovations.

Bathroom Renovations

Seeing as for many, this is the room where they spend most of their time, why not enhance it and add value while upgrading it? There are very nice ideas that people have undertaken in Canberra to make sure their new ideas live up to the magnificent beauty and natural environment in its surrounding areas.

Possibly one of the most diverse regions in Australia, Canberra houses different cultures that include, Germans, English, Chinese, Italian, Dutch, Indian, Croatian, Filipino, and more. According to the consensus over 30% of its inhabitants are born overseas and immigrated to the place many moons ago. This website can narrow it down for you:

It is because of this diversity in cultures, that many of the architecture and structure of the house is also just as varied and exquisite. When it comes to renovating the bathrooms, many have opted for the more bespoke types of settings, and a few things include:

  • Adding a new bathtub where there wasn’t one, or exchanging it for a shower to be cost-effective (showers use up less water than bathtubs)
  • Adding some vanity space in the bathroom and his and hers sink unit (a wise decision) can make a big difference in anyone’s WC, and gives both partners their own space to do whatever they want instead of treading on each other’s toes.
  • Turning a traditional looking bathroom into a more contemporary looking one by swapping out the color palette from orange and burnt reds to golds, whites, and greys. Making the room bright and airy and also adding the illusion of space. Some specific types of hues can make a small room look bigger and vice versa.
  • Walk-in showers with pebble tiles. Imagine taking a shower and getting your feet massaged at the same time? One of the residents have opted for this option for tired feet at the end of the day, and what a brilliant idea. Instead of using typical tiles, they have created a natural haven with a walk-in shower and a floor made of pebbles, each one meticulously places in the cement to produce a smooth finish.
  • Simple and clean traditional bathroom but with a modern twist. By painting your entire bathroom white and adding a large mirror on one of the empty walls adjacent to a window, you can create an ideal space to bring some bright and joyous feeling when you walk in. White bathroom cabinets are also adorned in many residential homes in Canberra.
  • Mosaic tiles are also a popular choice, and they don’t need to be too kitsch, add some black and white mosaic tiles as a border around the middle of the walls or on the cabinets facing you and watch what a difference the symmetry makes.
  • Sometimes adding isn’t the trick but rather removing items from the bathroom can be just as good. Some of its population’s homes have lots of space in this room thanks to them de-cluttering and turning towards a more simplistic lifestyle. Lots of open space removes the sense of a busy room and instead turns it into a luxurious spa feel. A few things such as a simple freestanding bathtub, a classic countertop made of marble or white clay perhaps, and a simple yet effective chandelier, can do the trick. That’s right, who said chandeliers are only for living rooms and bedrooms?
  • How about those who have added some wallpaper to their homes? Particularly in the WC. The right kind of wallpaper can do wonders for any space including your bathroom, and home stores often sell the specific kinds for high humidity areas, which do not get damp and can easily be wiped too. A black and white forest design or a bright red with daisies on it, to brighten up thins and add some fun, has also been seen to work.

There you have it, you can grab any of the above ideas for yourself and make sure your space fits into the brilliance of this town too, and doesn’t get left behind. When it comes to making some changes to your home which will add value to it, the bathroom should be one of the first things to go for, and it doesn’t need to be an expensive one either. The simpler options mentioned above, can work too.