Are RV Tire Covers Really Necessary? 5 Things To Consider When Buying

Car and RV covers protect your investments from routine wear from the elements. There are a number of RV cover options to consider for when your vehicle is stored or as you camp. Explore the benefits of RV tire covers, a fitted car cover and other protective devices. These five things to consider will help you shop for a reliable cover for your RV tires.

How Do RV Covers Help Protect From the Elements?

Your tires are designed to be stored outdoors, so are tire covers really necessary? These handy little covers are primarily designed to protect your tires from UV rays. As your RV is parked in one spot for days, weeks or months, the wheels can become weakened by being exposed to UV rays. A sun-blocking cover is an affordable investment that can extend the lifetime of your tires.

Shopping for RV tire covers can be difficult, because there are so many different styles. Online shopping helps you find the best style of cover for your RV tires. Here are the top five things to consider as you shop:

  1. Size of your RV tires
  2. How often you park your RV outdoors
  3. How often you move your RV
  4. Shield style vs. bag style
  5. The best material for your covers

An RV that’s moving every few days may not need tire covers, as you’ll spend more time with them off than on. If you typically park your recreational vehicle inside, you’ll also likely not need tire covers. Bag style covers are great for all-around protection, but be sure they allow proper airflow around your wheels.

White or tan tire covers are typically a better choice than black. Lighter colors still offer UV ray protection, but also help you avoid high heat levels in the cover. On hot days, a black tire cover can heat up dramatically. Keep your tires cool with an outdoor-rated white or light-colored bag.

A full RV cover, just like a zipper car cover, protects your entire unit from UV rays, rain, bird droppings and other outdoor hazards. These handy covers are easy to install and can be fitted for your particular style of RV.

Choosing the Right Size RV Cover

RV tire covers are based on the diameter of your tires. Select covers that match the diameter for an easy, effective fit. For full RV covers, you’ll need to find a cover that fits your particular RV style. These covers also come in a range of materials, so consider how your vehicle will be stored before selecting a cover. Indoor covers offer more dust protection, while outdoor covers are designed for direct sunlight, additional moisture and other outdoor weather features.

Shop for the best RV covers and tire covers online to get great deals on custom-fit products. Explore a range of cover styles, indoor and outdoor materials and other features to enjoy a cover designed for your recreational vehicle. Online shopping makes it easy to size your RV cover. Simply enter the type and length of your RV and find a cover to match. Look for covers that use straps and other adjustable features to offer a secure fit.