All You Need to Know Before Enrolling in a Natural Health Professional Training Program

A natural health practitioner is a professional whose duty is to help treat or improve peoples’ health with natural medication and treatment. The responsibilities of a natural health practitioner vary from the area of specialization of the practitioner to the nature of the treatment required by the patient.

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Difference Between Regular and Holistic Health Practitioners

Unlike the conventional treatments offered by regular medical practitioners, holistic health practitioners usually provide a different but highly effective treatment approach to their patients. Although the techniques used in treating patients may vary, both holistic and regular health practitioners perform the same functions to ensure that their patients are mentally and physically sound.

The only difference between both practices is that holistic physicians would prescribe some natural remedies for treatment while regular physicians prescribe the usual pharmaceutical medications. The treatment options could include using natural herbs, dietary changes, acupunctural instruments, etc.

Depending on the nature of the ailment, holistic health practitioners may also prescribe conventional medications to their patients. Holistic medicine is built on the philosophy of optimum health of humankind, including their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. According to philosophy, this notion can be achieved when one succeeds in gaining a balance in all aspects of life.

The certification title earned by both practitioners is also different as the regular physicians are honored with a bachelor of medicine, bachelor of surgery certificate (MBBS), holistic professionals are celebrated with traditional Naturopath Doctor (TND) certificates. You can gain a holistic health practitioner program online.

Common Treatment Types in Holistic Medicine

The treatment techniques used by holistic practitioners vary greatly, as they are targeted at ensuring the well-being of the body, mind, and spirit. Since the holistic medicine philosophy is based on optimal health, natural health practitioners tend to diversify their treatment techniques to accommodate the needs of their patients.

Another factor that influences the kind of treatment given by the practitioner is the kind of training obtained. You can acquire this training by enrolling in some holistic health courses online. Below are some holistic medicine treatment types.

Lifestyle and Self-care Treatments

One of the treatment techniques offered by holistic practitioners is the lifestyle and self-care treatments, which involve educating their patients on how to adopt a healthy lifestyle and take care of themselves better. The lifestyle and self-care treatment method mainly target promoting the patients’ overall well-being. These treatments comprise different exercises, counseling of the patients on spiritual and relationship matters, psychotherapy, etc.

Dietary Treatments

Just like the name, dietary treatments are targeted towards ensuring that the patients maintain a healthy diet. The treatments could include consulting the patients, analyzing their current eating habits, recommending different ways to improve or change patients’ dietary lifestyles, depending on their health conditions.

Alternative Treatments

Alternative treatments involve the use of complementary therapy in treating patients. Some of these treatments include homeopathic treatment, massage therapy, acupuncture treatment, chiropractic care, naturopathic treatment, homeopathic treatment, etc.

Herbal Treatments

Herbal treatments in natural medicine refer to the administration of natural herbal medications to patients. Herbal remedies are usually targeted at promoting patients’ physical well-being by providing alternative or holistic therapies to help cure their ailments.

Conventional Treatments

Although holistic medicine aims to provide an effective alternative to conventional medicine, there are situations where it becomes necessary to include traditional practices in treating patients. These treatment types may consist of the administration of regular medications or even surgical operations if need be.

Career Opportunities to Consider in Natural Health

Natural health practitioners are usually trained to work in all kinds of settings to ensure their patients’ health and well-being. There are different ways through which you can advance your career in holistic medicine.

You can choose the option of having your private practice, where you get to meet and treat your patients on a one-on-one basis. You can also choose to work in a hospital or other institutions or facilities. All these can be achieved by enrolling in a natural health professional training program.

If you are not interested in natural health practice, there are still many career options available for you. You can advance your natural health career in the sales and business aspect, where you market and sell natural health products to your clients.

Apart from the business aspect, there are many other ways to advance your career in natural health. Some of such ways include becoming a natural health consultant or a public speaker.

To become a natural health educator to impart your knowledge to other students, you can also become an author by writing books and publications on different natural health subject matters and topics. Becoming a researcher in natural health science is also another exciting career opportunity in natural health.

Popular Natural Health Certification Available

After successfully obtaining a natural health professional training program, natural health certifications in the United States include Complementary and Alternative Health Practitioner (CAHP) and the Traditional Naturopath Doctor (TND) certificates.

Although the professional titles are different, the courses required to obtain both titles are the same. The courses offered in both certificate courses are of identical structures. However, to be recognized as a professional naturopath in some states, you must enroll in a federally funded university and obtain a doctorate diploma. Hence, the importance of the CAHP certification. Learn more on how to become a certified natural health practitioner


There you have it! If you have what it takes to become a certified natural health professional, you now have the chance to achieve your dream career with as little stress as possible. You can take holistic health courses online by enrolling in an accredited holistic health practitioner program today. Meanwhile, if you want to trim extra fat first in your body, you can use these tips.