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What kind of bed is suitable for a small bedroom?

The biggest problem in a small bedroom is the lack of space for storage furniture and above all, to a comfortable bed. When a typical bed occupies most of your space, suddenly your room is reduced to a narrow corridor. Try putting a little creativity when you decide what type of bed to use and takes three of the dimensions of space or looking dual purpose furniture.

a small bedroom

Futon frame consists of a thick mat and meets more than one function. During the day, the futon serves as a sofa , and night, simply adjust the frame to make it a bed. While you sleep, do not really need the extra space occupied by the extended frame futon, so it is a suitable option for small rooms. During the day, the frame only occupies half the space, which allows your small bedroom as a study or office work.

Loft style bed
Instead of placing the bed directly on the floor with the rest of the furniture, save space by using a nice loft style bed. This classic design is and has been popular for decades in college dorms, as it is the perfect solution to the lack of space. All you need to do is build a platform about 4 feet (1.20 meters) from the ground (or more if possible) and place your mattress on top. Use the space below as a study area by placing a desk and chair, or as a small living room with a padded chair, a small sofa or a pile of pillows.

The couch is a piece of delicate air and almost always female. Basically, it is a dual function bed consists of an ornate frame with a sort of header wide and two sides that mimic the back and arms of a sofa . By placing a mattress under a couch, you have a wide bed while a nice sofa fluffy. The sofas are manufactured in wood, brass or upholstered structures and all have that beautiful and characteristic aspect of sofa for the day and bed for the night.

Foam folding chair
These are a much cheaper alternative to futons with heavy frames, as they are constructed of three or four thick foam rectangles. The foam is covered with a strong fabric that connects all the pieces in a row. Simply bend the folds of fabric and arrange the blocks in the right way to create a comfortable chair to watch television. By deploying and arrange the blocks in a row on the floor, you have a rich foam rubber mattress to sleep at night.