A Detailed Guide to a Standing Seam Metal Roof

Have you considered investing in a standing seam metal roof? Although this system is already widely used on commercial properties, it has gradually become an attractive residential solution. The standing seam system involves raised seams and concealed fasteners, while the panels are secured to the deck with the use of clips.

Unlike other roofing materials, metal is remarkably popular for its durability, energy efficiency, elegant style, fire resistance, and low maintenance. Investing in such a residential system not only reduces the energy bills of homeowners but also increases home value.

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The following detailed guide will introduce you to the materials, performance, and benefits of standing seam systems.


When it comes to materials, standing seam roofs come in an extensive range of metals and colors. The choice of material is considered to have tremendous importance on the lifespan, sturdiness, and resistance to corrosion of the roofing structure. It’s supposed to be chosen in accordance with the climate conditions of the local area and the budget of buyers. People residing in hot climates are suggested to select a metal roof in a light color to prevent it from absorbing heat.

Standing seam metal roofs made from aluminum provide remarkable strength in spite of their lightweight, which doesn’t make the panels bulky. By opting for aluminum as a roofing material, you won’t have to worry about corrosion. Also, aluminum is known for its recyclable nature, hence being an excellent choice for the environment.

Another popular choice of metal for standing seam roofs is copper, popular for its amazing durability. Similar to aluminum, copper roofs are an eco-friendly solution since the material is entirely recyclable once its lifespan finishes. Nevertheless, copper is prone to oxidation, eventually resulting in corrosion. The more the material is exposed to water, the faster the roof will acquire a green color.

Galvanized steel standing seam roofs are yet another nice-looking alternative. Anyhow, this material has to be coated with zinc in order to impede the process of rusting. Read more about the protective action and history of the galvanization method.

Roof performance

Apart from the appealing look, standing seam metal roofs are believed to provide excellent performance. As long as there is insulation underneath the roofing material, homeowners would have nothing to worry about noise and energy efficiency. Also, individuals can mount different items on the roof without damaging the surface by making holes. To get more details about roofing materials, please contact Aussie DIY Solutions.

In order to ensure maximum performance, the type of metal should be adapted to the local climate. Certain metals are susceptible to expansion and contraction when exposed to sudden temperature changes and high levels of humidity. Having a conversation with the manufacturer is useful for making the best choice.

Benefits of standing seam metal roofs

The prevention of leak points is considered one of the most important advantages of standing seam roofs. Instead of screws, these panels are secured with the help of clips, which means no holes are made into the surface. Consequently, the likelihood of leaks is substantially reduced when compared to the panels with exposed fasteners.

The main reason why homeowners opt for metal roofing as a residential solution is the surprisingly long lifespan of the material. Standing seam metal roofs last from at least forty to a maximum of seventy years, coming with a warranty between thirty and fifty years. This roofing material is remarkably resistant to high winds blowing at a speed of as many as 140 mph.

Another advantage of installing a standing seal metal roof is the environmentally friendly nature of the material. Unlike asphalt, metal panels are partially made from recycled materials and can be completely recycled after being removed. Since aluminum roofs are incredibly light, these can be installed over asphalt shingles, thus preventing asphalt from ending up in landfills. As mentioned before, these panels provide excellent support for eco-friendly residential solutions such as solar panels or rainwater harvesting systems.

Standing seam metal roofs are widely known for being fire-resistant, hence suitable for houses built in areas prone to wildfires. The installation of such a roofing system comes with a class A fire rating, the best of ratings when it comes to fire resistance. Although no house can be entirely fireproof, the choice of building materials has the capability to retard fires. Bear in mind that a standing seam roof might not be given a class A rating as long as the underlayment is considered fire-prone, like in the case of wood shingles.

Moreover, metal roofs have gradually become more aesthetically appealing to homeowners, owing to the vast selection of colors, materials, and finishes. This type of residential roofing provides individuals with a range of over a hundred hues, which can be customized to fit buyers’ preferences. Nowadays, the majority of homeowners opt for the standing seam construction due to its elegant appearance and functionality.

Standing seam metal roofs are adored for their low-maintenance requirements when compared to other types of roofing. These require less maintenance due to the use of concealed fasteners, under no exposure to the weather elements. Since these fasteners are less likely to get damaged because of the low susceptibility to moisture, UV rays, or wind, the panels are only supposed to be occasionally maintained. The following link, https://homeguides.sfgate.com/care-metal-roof-25634.html, includes some practical tips about caring for a metal roof.

In addition, standing seam systems have no issues with thermal expansion, which means the panels won’t expand or contract when exposed to sudden temperature changes. Consequently, you won’t be obliged to check the panels regularly for any loose fasteners. Nevertheless, an annual maintenance inspection is recommended for the purpose of detecting minor issues, which might cause severe damage if not repaired on time.

Another benefit of installing a standing seam metal roofing as a residential solution is the energy efficiency it provides to homeowners. The largest part of these panels is coated or painted with special pigments, which puts them in the category of cool roofing. Cool panels are designed to improve the deflection of sun rays in order to reduce the temperature on the surface. Instead of absorbing heat, these panels make sure the heat is reflected.

Furthermore, installing a cool roofing system is extremely energy-efficient for homeowners, reducing as many as fifteen percent of the cost for cooling. Since these panels are much cooler than asphalt shingles, wood shakes, or tiles, your AC unit won’t have to work extremely hard to make the house pleasantly cool during the scorching summer period.

Last but not least, standing seam metal roofing structures are known for increasing home value, which is beneficial for residents planning to sell their houses in near future. Homeowners replacing their existing roofing structure with a standing seam system can retrieve approximately ninety percent of the investment upon selling their homes. Such an investment allows residents to take advantage of the energy efficiency and low maintenance of the panels while dwelling in the house and recoup the costs by selling it later.

Final word

Your home deserves the best protection.

Investing in a standing seam roofing system should be considered by every homeowner!