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A beautiful kitchen

Kitchen models current by design, set in a classic style. Truly Modern style takes some time with us, and new leaves presenting with other names such as: Contemporary style, Minimalist, Postmodern. Merge into the kitchen furniture it with the Modern Classic is a matter that requires skill in the design and decor of the kitchen or interior of a house. Also need respect for the spirit of each of the styles involved. This modern kitchen shown here is from the synthesis of the two styles: the Classic and Modern impresses at first sight like a family atmosphere environment and pleasant for the senses. Inspect various models of kitchen designs published in this blog of architecture, follow this link, you will find a list of selected postings.

 beautiful kitchen

Modern and Classical style wide
The retro look of the design appeals to the Classic and iconic, that which makes the identity of a kitchen. Modern design gives this kitchen functional, pleasant, bright, and its dimensions also something shocking.

The kitchen combines modern equipment terminations Classic
The Classic is in the details and features of the decoration and modern design conception , in the lines, the use of space and equipment .

Kitchen detail with classic decor
“Mobalpa” this model of kitchen designs and other unique high quality, is a French company with over one hundred years in the European market.

Choose styles of traditional kitchens.
The traditional kitchens are those whose styles date back to before the formica and linoleum, and may be reminiscent of the culture of the country or city. The styles vary depending on the election as the English style, the European or the Mediterranean . For field kitchens , the styles are basic but simple. The kitchen is to prepare food and eat it, so the decor reflects this. The walls have simple moldings and chair rails often supplemented by contributing to the decor of the environment. The rest of the kitchen should match the style, so they should translate applied panels on cabinet doors. The surface texture is very important, the look of hand-scraped wood shows its natural color and grain. The wood elements are also of value when the pint. Pine, maple and oak, are traditional woods and accents to the traditional are earth tones in pottery, basketry and natural fabric shades. The walls are of any intensity white or rich colors.

Classic traditional style kitchen
The French countryside is recognized for hand painted pottery, bronze, copper pans, textured fabrics with stripes or plain colors strainers and utensils for outdoor use, made ​​and painted by hand. In Italian cuisine is evident that the Italians love even more extravagant ceramic , mosaic floors, hang strings of garlic, dried tomatoes and large sunny windows with views not blocked by curtains. ‘s English style kitchens are warm and welcoming show teapots and cups and a matching wooden work surface washed. Millow English pine and oak are used to make cabinets, chairs and kitchen tables. The North American pine is lighter and so is the golden oak, chosen for pedestal tables pressed back chairs. The baskets are used for storage, cooking utensils are cast iron in the New World and artifacts may be white to match the cabinets painted and glass front.

Detail design and decorating Classic kitchen
The city kitchens are surprisingly formal, with patterned fabrics tablecloths and curtains. The arched windows are filled with plants, and is choose the Windsor style tables and chairs or the Queen Anne style. The floors and large crown moldings with ornate brackets are typical. The dark wood is traditionally chosen for the cabinets and the wall of the garrison, even mahogany used currently.

The Chinese porcelain cabinets and use objects in the kitchen, are kept well out of sight. The large pantries are part of the picture of a kitchen, and the elevation of the cabinets to the ceiling. The cabinets are often built to stand instead of hanging on the walls. For traditional kitchens, antique furniture or reproductions, natural fabrics, countertops (worktops) of wood or tiles, like heavy ceramic bowls and jars, natural fiber baskets and rag rugs, set the tone. Review the following list of postings relevant to the topic kitchens , published in this blog about architecture.