7 Recommended California King Beds to buy in 2021

The cal king bed is an ideal option if your objective is extra foot room. The majority of couples are more focusedon minimizing motion disturbance, and the width of their bed. If you, and your partner are tall then the product is designed only for you.

Plenty of available options can make the selection process confusing.Here you are required to notice the length, and breadth of the product but of course, you must use Egyptian cotton king size bed sheets for utmost sleep comfortability. A California King bed is longer but the bed offered by King is wider.

Size, and Pros/Cons of California King Beds-

These beds are an ideal option for the room. They are 72 by 84 inches. The product is best for the big rooms. No doubt, that the product is perfect for you. However, before purchasing a cal king bed you are required to have a glance at the following factors of the product.

  • Your Room Dimension Matters a Lot- For instance- the product is best for the room that is a minimum of 12 by 12 ft. in size. Your selection should be based on how important the extra room is to you.
  • Bed Accessories- As they are larger, so buying accessories for your bed will be challenging, and expensive task. Afterall, you will have selected options to choose your product.
  • Motion Isolation- Larger beds tend to do this job well as compared to the smaller ones.
  • Sleep Preference- One major advantage is that it enables you to take a tight sleep. If you have a large room the bed will offer you several other merits.

Merits offered by the cal king bed-

They offer several advantages. Such as-

  • It offers extra foot room
  • May work efficiently with certain layouts
  • Longest Option available
  • Ideal for tall people
  • Fits well in narrower rooms
  • Great for those who prefer raised pillows
  • Ideal for multiple sleepers

Cons of the product-

On the same token, it also has some cons.

  • Extras are harder to find
  • Expensive

Top 7 Recommended California King Bed to Purchase in 2021-

a) ZinusDachelle Premium Platform Bed-

The bed is rock solid, and build with a great contemporary design. Due to its unique, and priceless qualities, it is a quality platform bed to have. Some of the qualities of this cal king bed are- brilliant design, and noise-free bonus.

b) Homelegance Tufted Upholstered Bed-

These bedsare constructed with wooden materials. It provides extra protection with its facileness to vacuum. It is convenient, and easy to maintain than it’s competitors.

Note- You are required to purchase a box spring separately for the product.

Pros of this cal king bed-

  • Equipped with a metal frame that offers excellent protection
  • More space is provided to relax by a thickly lined headboard

c) Brookside Leah Classic Wood Platform Bed-

The Brookside bed frame is designed from quality materials that can suit any room décor. The bed is offered in 5 different tones of wood, and better withstands wear, and tear.

  • Simple Installation Process- It can be assembled in minutes
  • Capable enough to hold a weight of 600 lbs.

d) Great-time B1070 Eastern King Black Bed-

It enhances the look of your bedroom through its excellent design. In addition to its unique design, the product comes with a comfortable head support to sit on the bed.

  • Designof the bed is unique, and impressive
  • Durable Construction of the product
  • It is less bulky
  • Black Finish makes it look attractive

e) Zender white, and black platform bed-

These are curved shape beds with a leather finish. It comes with supportive slats, and you will surely enjoy it. It will be shipped to you in multiple boxes, and box springs are not required.

  • Modern, and comfortable design

f) Brookside Anna Storage beds with drawers-

It is an ideal option for those who live in small apartments, or having space issues. Besides sleep, it provides space to store your precious belongings. It comes with side rails that feature convenient functionality. It helps you to decorate your room according to your expectations.

  • Attractive Design
  • Durable
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Capacity 800 pounds

g) Hillary bookcase bed with under-bed storage drawers-

It is designed as a classic wooden bed that can enhance the look of your bedroom. Moreover, can offer a comfortable place to relax. For long-lasting use, theyfeature a solid wood construction.

Here you can notice 2 drawers at the bottom. Moreover, 4 on the footboards. Needless to say, that it offers a lot of storage space.

  • Classic design
  • Wooden construction
  • Strong, and durable
  • Sufficient storage space

Points to be considered while buying a bed-

We spend 1/3 part of our life on the bed. So before making this precious investment you are required to ensure that the bed you are purchasing suits your needs, and expectations.

Here are some priceless points to be considered-

  • Size- Beds are available in various sizes. Selection should be based on the size of the room, and the total number of persons.
  • Frame- You are not supposed to compromise with the quality while purchasing a bed. They are your long-term investments, so consider wooden frames made with plywood, or teak.
  • Budget- To get your money’s worth it is recommended to know your price range, and prefer quality, and functionality overlooks.


A cal king bed uses large size bed frames, and mattresses to make it big in terms of length, and width. It enables a group of people to rest, or sleep comfortably on it. The bed offers both pros, and cons. The bed is meant for you if you have a big bedroom, and a generous budget.

Before you settle on a purchase, don’t forget to consider the above-mentioned factors for fruitful outcomes. Purchase the 1 if you love to sleep on the raised pillows, and it will provide an unforgettable sleeping experience.

California King Bed enables you to sleep comfortably without getting disturbed by anything.