6 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Movers In Charlotte North Carolina

Have you set a moving date? If yes, taking immediate action is crucial in hiring reputable movers. Waiting for months to start looking for moving companies is fatal for the entire relocation process.

Homeowners relocating for the very first time are prone to making some common mistakes when hiring candidates, such as not comparing estimates, rushing through the journey, booking too late, paying no deposit, etc.

When looking for the best Charlotte movers, these are the most common six mistakes to avoid in the hiring process.

Not booking in advance

A common mistake residents of Charlotte make when hiring professional movers is not booking a date in advance. Many homeowners decide to hire such services either a week or just a couple of days before the day of relocation when the majority of movers are already booked up. The peak moving season in the USA is between April and September.

Most individuals wait for the weather to get warm in order to move house, which is why June, July, and August are considered the busiest months. If you plan to relocate to another town, state, or country in the course of the summer period, make sure to book a date several months ahead. Otherwise, you’ll probably have to settle with an inexperienced moving company whose base of clients isn’t large enough to book their schedule.

No home survey

No home survey

Another crucial mistake Charlotte residents make when choosing a moving company is having no survey done. In order to receive a correct estimate of the cost of moving services, movers are expected to conduct a survey by visiting your home. During the survey, their job is to take note of the furniture types and size, the number of items to be transported, the presence of any specialty items, etc. Movers trying to conduct such a survey over the phone shouldn’t be considered promising candidates.

Nevertheless, you are also supposed to do your part in the course of the survey by discussing your specific needs with the mover. Make sure to inform the company about the transport of any large appliances, bulky furniture, and valuable belongings. Also, these professionals should be informed about any issues regarding access to their existing or future homes. Go to this site for twelve useful steps to hiring a mover.

Rushing through the process

Although a large number of homeowners are eager to move to their new residences in another area, rushing through the hiring process is never a reasonable decision. Regardless of your impatience to relocate as soon as possible, accepting the first estimate that comes along is usually a wrong move to make. Instead, you are expected to receive a couple of estimates and look for the most favorable rate.

Moreover, any estimate you receive is supposed to be in writing, not relying on any oral agreement. The quote should include the complete price of the project, as well as list the types of services you are entitled to receive. Make sure the mover delivers the quote in person after the initial meeting or sends it via email.

Not understanding the protection of your belongings

Another mistake homeowners in North Carolina tend to make when hiring relocation services is paying no special attention to the protection of their belongings. Professional movers are obliged to provide a form of item protection to clients, which resembles insurance.

For example, moving companies are supposed to offer full valuation as one of their options, referring to the action of providing full coverage of objects. If any of your belongings sustain damage or get lost in the course of relocation, the company will be responsible for providing you with new ones.

Nevertheless, most of the firms offer released value protection, reimbursing clients for only a portion of the real value of their belongings. Generally, professional movers offer compensation of a maximum of sixty cents per pound. For example, if your TV weighs thirty pounds and costs $200, you’ll only receive $18 compensation, which won’t help you buy another one.

As far as valuable items are concerned, moving companies offer a special type of protection for such belongings. Naturally, you’ll be required to pay an additional sum for such insurance unless your home insurance already covers them. Have a look at the top ten damaged items when moving by following this link, https://www.huffpost.com/entry/top-10-damaged-items-when-moving-and-how-to-protect-them_b_10442888.

Not taking packing seriously

A large number of homeowners in Charlotte underestimate the time-consuming process of packing their belongings. Most of them consider this task a piece of cake but end up surprised by the time and energy required for the process. If planning to pack your items on your own, make sure to commence the journey at least one week earlier, as well as ask for assistance from your family or friends.

On the other hand, if your work schedule leaves you no time for packing, hire professional assistance. Despite transport, most movers offer packing and unpacking services for busy clients, willing to pay extra money for someone to perform this task on their behalf. It’s important to hire these services when receiving the overall estimate in order not to overpay for them by hiring them at the last minute.

Not paying a deposit

Another common mistake to bear in mind when hiring a moving company in Charlotte is not paying a deposit. It’s essential for homeowners to pay a small deposit in order to ensure the company really sends a truck to their addresses on relocation day. Professional movers usually request a certain amount of deposit to see whether clients are serious about hiring them.

However, some firms might request a large down payment or even the entire cost upfront. In such cases, refrain from signing any agreement. Never pay more than fifteen percent of the overall sum as a down payment.

Final word

Rushing won’t get you anywhere. Relocation is of great importance in the lives of individuals.

Enjoy the process as much as possible!