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5 Ideas for a headboard with wooden boards

Since Decogarden we show you 5 Ideas for a headboard with wooden boards . A simple way to create an original headboard. The headboard is one of the most important elements decorating a bedroom . Sometimes we do not find the one that best fits the decoration stay . Therefore, we show five ideas for a headboard using a simple wooden tables.

5 Ideas for a headboard with wooden boards

Bedroom daring and different

Using wooden planks of different sizes will create or original headboard. To give greater presence in the decoration of this daring and different bedroom, we are going to paint of different colors.

wooden boards

Bedroom modern, urban style

This time, starting from a wooden pallets achieve a headboard reminiscent of the landscape with tall buildings of a city. After cutting the platforms at different heights you will paint you are black. And to give the feeling of tall buildings and certain areas of greatest character tables were abraded.

Transformation bedroom with dressing room in

order to make this headboard, the first step is to make some oblique lines in them and then cut the board. Once we have the pieces, we’ll give a finish with a touch of varnish getting waxed. Finally, we will clocar pieces on a wooden base. By leaving space between them, we increased volume. Do not miss the step by step!

Unique, cool, spring bedroom

This time create a wooden front as a headboard. The tables can be of different width to give a different touch. To set all of them on the wall, will join including first and then finally on the wall.

Decorating a teen bedroom

with pine slats achieve a unique and personal headboard. First we make a composition with slats and when we achieve that we’ll fix composition together with wood screws. Finally, we set the whole piece to the wall.