10 Yankee Swap Gift Ideas

Buying gifts for a Yankee Swap get-together can be pretty challenging. Luckily, you do not have to make a massive impression with your gift of choice. The fun part of a Yankee Swap is stealing gifts picked by other people. So please try to keep it as simple as possible. You cannot buy one for a specific person since there is no way of telling who will get it at the end of the exchange. Instead, find something that most people find enjoyable. Edible gifts like Potluck Chocolates always make for great gifts. Alternatively, you can choose a holiday-themed gift, like a Christmas sweater, or you can find the best New York Yankee gifts for the Yankees fans in your life. You may also keep things interesting by picking a gift with a comical or unique twist to show your loved ones how treasured and special they are.

Top 10 Yankee Swap Gifts

If you are still having trouble finding the perfect Yankee Swap gift, worry no more. Here are ten gift ideas to get you started.

1. Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Merry occasions require good music to liven up the party. This mini speaker is just what you need. It is an affordable, practical gift that music lovers will appreciate. Give your loved ones this portable speaker as a fantastic gift to swap while turning up the party with some sound music.

2. Engraved Christmas Mug

Christmas-themed mugs are a great gift, especially for beverage lovers. Get them this mug with a funny message engraved on it. It is one of those keepsakes that will remind them of you every time they sip on some hot chocolate as they enjoy their favorite Christmas classics.

3. Yankee Swap Gift T-Shirt

Give your loved ones a souvenir to remind them of this fun night. This shirt will make a great outfit choice for the next Ugly Christmas Sweater Party that they will be attending. Be the star of the party by making this the best Yankee Swap gift on the table.

4. Drinking Card Game

Drinking card games are excellent for Yankee Swap parties with adult participants. This is one of the best alcohol-themed gift exchange ideas. It contains funny cards that will make you and your adult friends tipsy. You take turns drawing the cards, read the card out loud, and you have a go at your drinks based on the prompt on the card. This excellent card game is the perfect gift idea for the holidays.

5. Charging Station

This eco-friendly charging station holds up to six devices that allow you to organize all your electronics. This is a practical gift that will be of great use to your friends and family. They will surely appreciate the ease of charging all their devices effortlessly.

6. Freeze Ice Cream Bowl

This ice cream bowl keeps your ice cream cold after serving. It has a silicone band that protects your hands from freezing while enjoying your ice cream. Give your friends this gift to fight over at your next Yankee Swap party.

7. Funny Christmas Toilet Paper Decoration

This gift is perfect for creating some light-hearted moments at a party. Buy this humorous decoration for your relatives, friends, or co-workers that will make them laugh when they receive crappy gifts for Christmas. Keep in mind that some of the best Yankee Swap gift ideas can be strange or even unsightly as long as they are attached with some good dose of intrinsic humor.

8. Old Time Candy

Old school candies are a top Yankee Swap gift idea. They revive the old-days vibe and will surely bring a smile to the faces of your loved ones. This candy box is filled with an assortment of numerous candy pieces. Grace the Yankee Swap party like never before with this delectable treat that’s sure to be a favorite pick.

9. Upcycled Record Coasters

These moisture-sealed coasters that are perfect for protecting wooden surfaces will be perfect for neat- freaks and music lovers. They are made of labels cut from the center of actual vinyl records. Get this practical yet fun gift for the next Yankee Swap party you attend.  You could also consider options like canvas photo prints as well.

10. Therapy Dough

Squeezing and squishing therapy dough can be a great stress relief exercise. Get these colorful putties infused with aromatherapy oils perfect for stress relief during the stressful holiday period.

Choose any one of the above gift ideas and mesmerize your friends at the Yankee Swap gift exchange. Enjoy your holiday celebration and try selecting an excellent gift to take home with you.