Renovate your home

Renovate your home with white furniture

White furniture is the key to give a different to decor your home. If you do it yourself painting some element that you have around and you do not like it anymore. When you finish it will become the star furniture wherever you put it. Making yourself with aged white furniture may not be a better idea. You will have movies in any room of the house.

Renovate your home

That “relates” well with the rest of the elements of the stay. You know, harmony and balance are also important. Although everything depends on the type of piece in question in general the effect of aged white furniture usually harmonizes well with all types of parts and elements whether chairs, chests, cabinets or dressers

Furthermore, as is easy to get good results despite not being an expert, it is the kind of work that is recommended to start painting furniture. So do not think about it anymore. Get the piece in question, with the necessary materials and get to work. You will not need many things. For starters, furniture and white acrylic paint if the part is not painted.

In case the furniture is white and you just want to give it the aged effect you can save yourself the trouble of painting it. In addition, you will need to gather some more materials. Do not miss cotton rags, Judea bitumen a colorless wax can for furniture a brush and fine brush soft sandpaper. The first thing you have to do is clean the furniture thoroughly. If it is not very dirty, it will suffice that you wipe it with a damp cloth and let it dry.

If there rescued a piece of furniture unpacking or a thrift store you must ensure that good clean thoroughly. Use a multi-purpose cleaner then rinse and let dry. Then you can and paint it white if necessary. Apply two layers allowing to dry well between layer and layer and smoothly sanding between them. You can use chalk paint if you want to get a matte effect as chalk.

This is the essential step in the whole process of getting white aged furniture. The more attention you get in this part of the job, the better will be the antiqued furniture. It is a matter of thoroughly sanding the furniture with the sandpaper insisting on the edges and corners of the doors if any. Where rub with sandpaper will be more parties seem older. That is why you must decide how much you want to sand and, therefore how old you would like the furniture to remain.

Do not forget to think about what parts of the furniture would naturally wear out and wash them without fear. Now you have to prepare the mixture to give the furniture that darker aspect that puts years. Take the tin of colorless wax and remove about one tenth of its contents. Fill with Judea bitumen and stir until a liquid mixture is obtained.

Apply the mixture with a brush insisting on the areas that you have sanded previously. One tip it is better to give the product from less to more. Start applying little and see more products added gradually so you will not pass. Then wipe excess product with a clean cloth. To accentuate the old appearance of the furniture you can re-apply the mixture on edges and recesses using a fine brush.


bathroom faucets

Keys to choosing the bathroom faucets

It may seem that faucets are simply a complement to the bathroom decor. Nothing is further from reality. They are one of the most important elements and to be acquired knowingly. Discover what aspects you have to take into account to choose the faucets and do not go wrong. Are you thinking of renovating your bathroom? If the answer is, surely you already have in mind many things to think about. It all depends on how drastic the reform is. In any case, you will fit some recommendations to choose faucet sink, bidet and bathtub or shower.

bathroom faucets

Finding the right faucets is a very important question. They are too cheap items in general, so it should be clear what kind of faucets need. It is worth investing a little more money if the performance of the tap and its quality convince us. Here are some of the things you should look for to choose the most suitable faucets for your bathroom. Continue reading


Do you dare the decoration pink?

Meaning of pink color

The combination of red and white gives the pink tone. There are 50 shades of this color. It is associated with good feelings and sensitivity, charm, sentimentality, romanticism, motherhood. It also provides feelings of serenity, calm and relaxation. It has been considered a feminine color, but in antiquity, it was the opposite because it represented many aspects of the masculine world. Currently, the pink decor is ceasing to be exclusively for women.


This color in its soft tones brings peace and stronger versions transmit energy and optimism. This tone, combined with white ads brightness to the environment is also great with the same color range fuchsia, purple and with the blue and gray tones. To obtain contrast you can choose the gelds and mustard. It is recommended in the use of colors not abuse them. The best thing is to give little touches of color with the complements and the textiles that allow you to change them when you do not like them. The pink decor gives an air of freshness to any space in the house. Continue reading


Great ideas to paint the home receiver and hit

Get to get home every day even more enjoyable is easy if you consider some recommendations with respect to the decoration of the hall. You just have to value the space the colors and the aroma that is breathed if there is order or chaos. After you have done so, you will notice that you can change some things in a simple way to achieve other more positive feelings. Here we leave some ideas for decorating the hall with paint.


It may not be your case but as a rule, the receivers of most houses or flats of normal people are usually not very spacious. Quite the contrary tickets tend to be small with little free wall space as they act as distributors into other rooms and there are many doors. In addition, they do not usually have windows on the street. Well, all this can make the entries appear as dark and sad places. If this happens to your receiver do not hesitate: need more light. Luckily, there are several ways to paint the home foyer and enhance the light. Thus, you will achieve that space appears much brighter than it is and wider. Continue reading


Essential elements for a warm decor for winter

There is nothing like shelter home when it is cold outside. That warm feeling of protection that we feel in our home we do not find elsewhere. In addition, to promote it during the coldest months of the year, we tell you what the essential elements for a warm winter decor are. Your house is unique and there you feel wrapped as anywhere else. Do you know how to get it? It is easy. Just consider some essential factors that help you heat up the atmosphere.


There are different ways to increase the feeling of warmth of a space, and many of them are easy to implement. It is able to choose some of the elements of the decor, in addition to beautify an environment, it colleen and provide extra comfort. In addition, in pursuing this goal there are many fronts on which we can act: choose the textures and colors of furniture and accessories textiles add or enhance one or another way lighting.   Continue reading


Decorate dark corridors to make more luminous

Do you have a narrow hallway and in low light? Here are some tips to make dark corridors appear bigger and brighter. Sometimes, the rooms of the houses are so broad that the corridors are too narrow. They also tend to be dark corridors because they have no windows and therefore have no natural light that illuminates. So often, these areas of the house lose charm. Today we propose to change this topic and give a twist to the decor of dark corridors. If you follow these tips, your hallway seems larger and brighter than ever.


Paint the walls white

The key for a room look bigger is the color of your walls, ceiling and floor. Clearer as these are, the bigger and brighter will appear. Light colors reflect light, so any ray of natural light that reaches your walls, be reflected unlike what happens with the dark walls that absorb light. Therefore, the color star to enlarge and bring light to a room is white. We propose sanding paint the walls and pure white. You will be meters aisle width (visually pulling) and have more freedom when decorating since white paste with everything. Continue reading

Beni Ourain Rugs: Gorgeous and Meaningful

Shopping for a good rug for your home isn’t always a walk in the park. It can be a job that calls for a substantial amount of time and energy. Rugs can often be quite costly. That’s why purchasing them shouldn’t ever be something that’s impulsive. Rash rug purchases can often lead to significant amounts of regret later. That’s just the truth. If you want to invest in a rug that won’t leave you full of regret and sadness, however, you may want to learn about the Beni Ourain people. These people come from beautiful North Africa. They’re known for producing handwoven rugs that are made of natural wood that’s not dyed at all. These rugs generally feature sleek geometric designs. If you want to decorate your home or flat with a floor covering that boasts lovely black, grey or brown geometric symbolism, it can’t hurt to take a careful look at these Berber rugs.

The Beni Ourain people are nomadic. If you’re someone who is interested in history and culture, you’ll likely be more than intrigued by these Berber rugs. These rugs can help you feel a deep connection to these tribal individuals. They can give you the exciting chance to get to know their lifestyles and rich histories. If you love the concept of a rug that has amazing heritage on its side, you should walk straight past all of the modern and monotonous options you see at interior design stores in your area. You should instead head straight to the Beni Ourain rug section. If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to find one. The Beni Ourain rug world is quickly becoming an enormous sensation in the interior design sphere. Continue reading


Decorate A luxurious and distinctive style

The gold in perspective color that gives glamour to any environment is that this season is also present in various elements with the ability to integrate different decorative styles. Yes, it is not something new but always it has the ability to maintain and reinvent itself with a new interpretation, as luxurious and sophisticated as warm and beautiful.


The gold is indoors wonders: as part of the decor accessories, pictures or furniture itself, this color blends well with other clear and neutral with white and brown or black. Beyond the typical Christmas decorations, we know that the gold will be present in many houses by the end of the year. Continue reading


Ideas for decorating the columns of your home

Many homes have columns and not everyone decorates simply leave them as is as a structural element of the building must be mandatory. Normally we do not often think of the potential they have and we can do many things to be well integrated into the decor of our home. A column can give you a great aesthetic sense home regardless of whether they are in a room in the entrance hall or as in some cases in the center of the living room or lounge. All of them can be decorated with style but how can we do?


The column does not have to be compulsorily painted the same color as the rest of the stay you can opt for similar tones or contrasting colors making the stay has a deeper dimension. Even if your decor is bold you can use the columns as a break point and apply a very striking color. Continue reading


Risks and Benefits Multi-Risk Home Insurance

Let us begin by saying that is the multi risk home insurance is an insurance that protects the home and its contents and including coverage against damage that can commit to others. This insurance of home covers own damage occurring flood fire or theft and other domestic accidents and cause such accidents in the house of his neighbor. Despite having a significant cost, it is convenient to have in our home this type of insurance.


Approximate cost of insurance

The insurance fee is proportional to the value of the property insured and the number and type of coverage selected, another factor that can raise the amount is the age of the home and whether it is isolated or easily accessible to thieves. Most companies insurance have on your website, a dictionary of insurance and a simulator to calculate the annual fee you can use one of any companies that offer multi risk insurance to make the calculation, as quotas do not vary much from one to another. Google offers major companies look for one with the simulator. Keep in mind that the accident rate is raising insurance premium as well as usually a good record of accomplishment in a company down. Continue reading

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